fave play by play guy of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mean Smark Callous, Mar 7, 2014.

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fave announcer of all time?

Poll closed Apr 6, 2014.
  1. jim ross

  2. gorilla monsoon

  3. tony schiavone

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  4. mike tenay

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  5. michael cole

  6. joey styles

  1. i'm sure i'm missing some names, but these are the "big names" that came to mind. mine is joey styles O MAI GAWD
  2. Gorilla for me. He and Hennan put everyone else to shame IMO.
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  3. yeah they were a great team for sure.
  4. I picked JR, in his prime he was so awesome. Also, Heyman growing up was cool too.
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  5. why did i put michael cole on the list? unintentional trolling.
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  6. Most definitely JR... the commentating voice of The Attitude Era.... he made a lot of those moments much better than they actually were with his over the top style.
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  7. thats why i chose joey styles, i love the way he over sold every spot and bump OH MY GOD
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  8. "Bah Gawd They Killed him!!!"
    "Damn you, Mr. McMahon!"

    gotta go with JR the man who taught me how to mark out
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  9. all valid arguments for JR. he's nearly tied with styles for me.
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  10. This is why I picked J.R
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  11. I love JR alot. But does anyone remember Joey Styles pipebomb on WWE?

    Between JR and Joey, I don't know who i love more. But Joey gets my vote.
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  12. yeah that shit was great
    glad to see some more love for styles.
  13. Either Jim Ross or Gorilla Monsoon. I'd probably go with JR just because he more than anyone else (even Gorilla) has the ability to call the action in such a way that he makes it feel real even though we all know it isn't. Just listen to him call the '98 King Of The Ring HIAC match between Undertaker and Mankind and tell me he isn't easily one of the greatest commentators in history. That's one of his finest moments for sure.

    Also, on the subject of Gorilla Monsoon, I have to admit that I always enjoyed listening to Monsoon/Ventura more as a broadcast team than I did Monsoon/Heenan.
  14. JR throughout the attitude era.
  15. Mike Tenay for this call:
  16. Joey Styles for sure.
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  17. I loved Tony Schiavone, I was never a WCW guy so I even find my choice kinda strange.
  18. he spent a long time in wwf as well.
  19. yeah JR sold the kayfabe like a pro
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