Fave Tag Team

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Notice you've discussed the division old an new but not done the above!

    I've 3 all the same era The Hardys, The Dudleys and Edge and Christian!

    My top 1 tho The Dudleys despite having to tone down a lot from ECW. They were still good at getting heat and even got over as faces! Top mic skills, good wrestlers "D-Von get the tables"

    Credit to London and Kendrick deserve a shout tho longest serving Tag Champs an they were good but imo division was fadin to where it is now!
  2. HBK & Jannetty
    Undertaker & Kane
  3. The Hardys
    Cryme Tyme
    The Dudleys
  4. Haha I knew you'd pick Cryme Tyme @[Tzesi]
  5. How? :blink1: @[RKO]

    Also late DX.
  6. Because you like those kinds of superstars lol.

    DX was good too. @[Tzesi]
  7. I quite liked Jericho and Big Show, when they were together.

    Loved the Hardyz and Dudleys, prefer the Hardyz though.
  8. Hardys, Dudleys, Edge & Christian and The Rockers.
  9. The hollywood blondes. Austin pre neck injury with Pillman being well Pillman was just epic. It a shame they didn't last that long.

    From just the WWF/E I'd say Edge and Christian or the Road Warriors/LOD what ever you want to call them. What a RUSH !!
  10. Forgot road warriors, my god they were sick. Johnny Ace's brother :lol:.
  11. We need a decent tag division so much!

  12. Especially as there's so many wasted wrestlers who're actually incredible in the ring.
  13. The potential is there that's the most disappointing thing. If the WWE invested even a little effort to the division it could be as great as it once was.
  14. thats something im sure all of us on wweforums agree on @[seabs]
    a decent tag division is urgently required save us seein kelly kelly gettin a roll up pin so often lol!
  15. So true, it's her finisher @[Cloud] :lol:.
  16. :rofl:

    that has become the case lol
  17. When you've got a move set that consists of screaming and stink faces. A roll up is probably for the best as a finisher.
  18. Eve Torres and Undertaker vs Kane and Beth Phoenix? Win win...
  19. or taker an kane vs kelly kelly an alicia

    and omg kelly kelly roll up pin win on taker

  20. That would be so epic.. and also a fail lol.