Favorite and Least Favorite Members

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Adam., Aug 19, 2016.

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  1. We had one of these back in the day and they were always fun. Who are your fav and least fav members of the site?
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  2. Most members here are lame. Edge4ever especially sucks.
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  3. I forgot to add my list, shit.

    Favs: @Rain if he ever comes back was always a lad, I haven't spoken to him in like 3 years and I miss him, Lady Deathdouche is cool, Ralb was cool, @Kylojo Ren is cool when he's chilled out bro, @Ovaldinho is a lad for giving me girl advice at 14. That was a real fun time /s, @Big E Rection is named after my favorite thing so he gets auto entry, Danny rip, had some good chats with Aids since coming back so he's on here, Punk is cool, Roadie isn't a dick about IWT like Jono so he's cool, Jwab is cool, DK is cool and @Puddle was a lad back in the day so he's on here too.

    Least favorite: WUK, Reag (soz bullying bruh), Ricky Daniels for asking my penis size and Jonathan still.
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  4. I love almost all of you, and for any of you that I don't love I will not publicly announce it cause I don't hate you all that much.

    Shoutout my main man Tumbas, Dojo, Drag, Shadow, LDB, Aids, Dat Kid, Brit, Roadie, Adam, Rain (Puddle), GN, Prince Balor, B.Dazzle, Indy, CM Punk, Jwab, the GOAT Oval, THG, CiV, TNH, and the list goes onnn.

    I hate doin these cause i always feel like im forgetting someone. So shoutout everyone.
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  5. Everyone is cool but that Shadow guy. What a twat he was. Glad he is gone. :phew:
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  6. Most of you kind of suck.

    Except for those of you that don't.
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  8. Love: Chrissie, Big Drag, Big Oval
    Like: A lot.
    Hate: A lot.
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  9. #9 Pop Tatari, Aug 20, 2016
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    Have not seen him lately but that Pop Tatari bloke is a right Bell End
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  10. D'Z is cool.
  11. When my cats join the forum, I will have a favorites list. :smug:
  12. He was almost as bad as Shadow, almost.
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  13. #14 The Phenom, Oct 4, 2016
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  14. Shout out to the staff as well wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys
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  15. I won't mention my least favorite members as that just makes for great controversy. If I dislike you, you know that already anyways haha. I'll name my TOP 30 (active) members however!! (If you're not on this list I either forgot about you, have a neutral opinion about you or I dislike you. Again, if I dislike you, you'd know it~)

    1. @Drag
    2. @Ovaldinho
    3. @Dojo
    4. @Roadster
    5. @Aurtle the Turtle
    6. @Leah
    7. @Shadow / @DK James / @Nickelodeon
    10. @TheTNHMaster
    11. @Stopspot
    12. @Aidsey Amore
    13. @NexFlax
    14. @Black Iron PJ
    15. @Ring Rust
    16. @Trevor~
    17. @Geek773
    18. @Ricky Daniels
    19. @Adamska.
    20. @Dat Kid
    21. @Botchie Botcherson
    22. @CiV
    23. @Dylan™
    24. @SmackChat-Luke
    25. @The Phenom
    26. @DemonHunter1257
    27. @Prince Bálor
    28. @SupaHeeroh
    29. @TheFrostyBlur
    30. @Tumbas
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  16. well that's you off the list
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  17. Below adam? No wonder you're a scrub
  18. Hey now Adam's a faggot but he's my faggot (also we haven't talked much or at all tbf)
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  19. Not surprised at the top 5 tbh but idk enough of the rest to judge. I'll take #17 though. Expected @Gino Bambino tbh ~~~
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