Favorite and Least Favorite Storylines

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PunkAJ4Life, Apr 10, 2013.

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  1. WWE Creative can be hit or miss, what have been your favs and least favs?

    For me besides the DX Triple H and Shawn Michael's reign of terror on the McMahons my favorite has been the AJ Square aka AJxPunkxDanielxKane love story. Okay I know all you guys are groaning and rolling your eyes but hear me out. The main reason I like it is because it really intrigued many females to tune in to see what AJ did with who. I mean you had her chasing Punk while her ex Daniel still wanting her and then she turns her intrests on the most unlikely superstar, the Big Red Monster. Hollywood couldn't write drama this good and many of my fellow female fans just ate it up. If you don't believe just go type in AJ with those guys names in Youtube and you'll find a 100+ epic fan videos of them. WWE Creative tapped into this and struck oil with this.
    And you guys can't tell me it doesn't turn you on to have your girlfriends discussing suplexs and figure fourways with you.

    My least favorite besides crybaby heel Big Show is Ryback's carnage on CM Punk. Who's bright idea is it to try to copy a Goldberg's story line by just having him destroy the WWE Champion every week to the point it could seriously injure him and did. Completely pointless.
  2. Every DX storyline was gold imo. The one I don't like too much is the last year's Rock/Cena storyline
  3. Favourite has to be Austin/McMahon as a whole. Least favourite will be Cole/Lawler.
  4. Favourites are a tie: anti America Hart and original nWo. Least favourite Al Snow/Bossman.
  5. My favourites have to be, DX vs Vince and the spirit squad, Randy Orton vs Undertaker and when rey won the royal rumble for eddy and feuded with randy orton. John Cena vs Kurt Angle!

    Too many bad ones to name :sad:
  6. (Last few years)

    Good: Punk vs Jeff Hardy, Punk vs WWE until MITB, Rhodes vs anyone when he was relevant, HBK vs Jericho, does Ziggler vs WWE's booking count?

    Bad: Cole vs Lawler (don't see how this couldn't be the worst feud ever), Punk vs WWE after MITB and the entire COO clusterfuck, anything involving AJ Lee, Chavo vs Hornswoggle, and pretty much all the Cena feuds.
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  7. Funny how a greeat feud like Cole/Lawler got sooo much TV time.
  8. Bryan/Punk/Kane/AJ love angle was complete fucking shit.
  9. Best: I did enjoy the whole Punk vs Jericho last year but so far I gotta Team Hell No. I haven't laughed that hard at wwe in a long time. The worse well as many mentioned the whole Cole/Lawler thing, anything involing Khali. The ones I hate more then anything are the ones that shove Cena down our throats, I just wish they would realize that there are more then just him out there that could carry or be the face of the WWE.
  10. Lots of great ones here, I forgot to mention my old school ones.
    Best: Orignal NWO before Hogan's heel turn, the Wolf Pack, when black and white Sting first emerged with his bat, Legion of Doom.

    Worst: Hogan's heel turn because he became insanely slimey that it wasn't even good, anything Gold Dust,
  11. With the exception of the fact that I liked everything from Punk's shoot to Night Of Champions (the Raw after NoC however was horrible) concerning Punk, I agree with this completely. It's actually sad how little Cena feuds I can think of in the past few years that I've actually liked. Even going back to 06 when I started watching, I don't think I could even name five.


    Can't believe I forgot to mention this, that sig is awesome.
  12. Which Raw was that? Was that one the "Raw Walkout?" Bleh.

    Can see why you kept enjoying it, Punk's performances were still awesome, and thanks! Once the rep is fixed +5 to anyone who can find what the clip is from.
  13. I don't even remember exactly, but I think so. All I know is that after Night Of Champions, that whole thing became unbearable. I don't even think I made it through the whole Raw before I quit watching. Several of the things after that were even worse, like the retarded & anti-climactic reveal that Nash sent the text to Nash.
  14. Steve Austin vs The Boss: Completely magical and the thing that finally got viewers to switch over from Nitro to Raw in large numbers. Vince is one of the all time great heels (back then, he was just coming off of real life heat for screwing Bret in Montreal, too) and was a perfect foil for Austin's bad ass anti-authority character. It was also strangely fitting that Austin and Bret were mortal enemies, and yet Vince screwed Bret and moved on to trying to repeatedly screwing Austin next. There would have almost been a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" mentality there between Austin and Bret if Bret were still on the show. The great thing about the feud is just like with Hulk Hogan feuding with the Bobby Heenan Family back in the 80's/90's WWF - you can feud with a manager forever as long as he continues to supply an endless number of different wrestlers to try and knock you off your throne.

    The NWO: From the moment Scott Hall showed up on Nitro to the time Hogan turned heel with his infamous promo at BATB '96, the formation of the NWO was absolutely perfect. A lot of what happened afterwards was done well too, but as we all know, the group became too large in numbers and watered the whole concept down eventually. Starrcade 1997 and the Sting/Hogan main event specifically was a huge clusterfuck and creative disaster but without nitpicking what was done wrong, the general idea of the NWO and most of the things that followed - Hogan winning the belt and spray painting NWO over it, Eric Bischoff joining the group (thus giving us the first ever real life promoter of a company being a heel on-screen, before Vince himself perfected it over a year later), Sting feeling betrayed by WCW and thus going up into the rafters and transforming into the Crow gimmick and then stalking the NWO for a year while not speaking a word, etc.

    It's fitting that I see these two as probably the best of all time since they're the two angles that got people glued to Raw and Nitro respectively.

    No way can I pick just one least favorite.
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  15. Apparently the original plan was for Johnny Ace to send the text to Nash and reveal it much earlier, but Nash got injured doing a run-in (SHOCKER).

    They didn't want to turn HHH heel, so they went with Punk vs Hunter instead and just put the text on the back-burner, so they left themselves without any way to pay it off, so they turned it into an absolute mess.

    The main thing that bothered me was the way everything was talking about WWE was changing. Punk was talking about "a new era", the roster was talking about how "WWE is unsafe", Awesome Truth were trying to reinvent the WWE... meanwhile the show was really the same as it ever was.

  16. Tyler Black vs Matt Sydal IWA:MS in 05.

    Nexus vs WWE up until SS was great if they'd have run Bryan being stronger against them rather than dropping him to run into the Miz feud (another great story but it could have waited a month or 2 with Miz cashing in at mania after Cena beat Wade for the title) it would have been better IMO.

    The worst was Rock / Cena 2, this redemption stuff was horrible.
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