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  1. Discuss your favorite bands.

    I like to consider myself a musical omnivore, I listen to anything that I like or deem good. Just a couple of days ago I listened to this old masterpiece for 3 hours straight

    Followed by the entire LOTR soundtrack.

    I have two all time favorite bands, one current and one of the old classics.
    My all time favorite band of the modern era will have to be The Gaslight Anthem. Working class rock n roll mixed with Punk that speaks to me. Their music resonates well with my entire upbringing, being raised in a small working class town and all, not poor far from it actually but raised on the values my parents were raised on. They write lyrics filled to the brim with truths and stories that most can relate to. This song I am linking here is from their latest album released this summer.

    My all time favorite classic is a man that has been with me subconsciously my entire life. The one and only Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Bruce is my dad's all time favorite and he always played Bruce when I was a kid growing up, as a kid I scoffed at it since like most kids I was trying to step out of my fathers shadow and be my own person. But when I moved out of the house three years ago to go to university. Once I had settled into my first dorm room I started getting home sickness and missing my family and the town I grew up in, I found that listening to the Boss helped ease the homesickness since it reminded me of my parents and my hometown.

    Therefore Bruce is the all time great and all time favorite in my mind.

    Now I want to hear your favorites, tell me your favorites songs and bands and please give an explanation of why they are your favorites.
  2. Oasis are my favorite band, so many songs I could list that I listen to practically daily.


    Not a favorite band yet, but I love this song. I hope they get some more material out soon.
  3. Might as well tag @[Cloud] in this now. He'll love this.
  4. I can't post YouTube bids as I'm on mobile but here are some of my all time favourite groups/artists

    Iron Maiden, Tool, System Of A Down, Korn, Machine Head, Gojira, Wumpscut, Placebo, Agonoize, velvet acid Christ to name a few.

    Will do a proper list with videos tomorrow.
  5. Guns N' Roses, mainly because I listened to Sweet Child O' Mine with my mom, and the rest of Appetite for Destruction with my dad. I grew a liking for them on my own though once I went through the history of GnR. Going through all their albums, I listened to lots more songs and liked most of them. A few years back, I decided to check the current line up, just to see if they were as bad as people made it out to be, and everybody was dead fucking wrong. I found my favorite guitarist though Guns N' Roses and my second.(Buckethead and Bumblefoot) I also liked all the different styles in Chinese Democracy. It's so Easy always pumps me up, Sweet Child O' Mine is my favorite song, Welcome the the Jungle feels like it sends me back to when I was 11 and playing San Andreas, Don't Damn Me always lists me up, and Madagascar always makes me feel good. Here a couple of other songs I like:
    Show Spoiler

    Catcher of the Rye based of the book Catcher in the Rye, this is the demo though, which I like better

    You're Crazy was originally in Appetite for Destruction with a electric guitars, but they had a recording of the acoustic version, so they released on GnR Lies

    Bob Marley & The Wailers. No I'm not a pot head claiming to like him because I get high. I actually like that group because mainly of Bob Marley's dedication. After getting shot, instead of bitching or making a big deal of it, Bob Marley got his ass on stage a couple of days later and still performed regardless of not being able to play the guitar. He also still toured when he knew he was going to die soon. His music is one thing that I can count on if I need a pick me up. Singing about love and peace, he was truly an amazing artist. My dad is also a huge Bob Marley fan, and he has a lot of their CDs, and cassette tapes, so it's great. Here are a couple of my favorites.
    Show Spoiler

    Post a couple more later, gotta go.
  6. Recently I've been into a band called Foxy Shazam...they're really weird (as would be any band with both a keyboard and a trumpet), but I enjoy them.

    My music ranges from Metallica to U2, so it is a pretty large gap of music.

    Favorite band nowadays though? Probably Alter Bridge, they're pretty legit.
  7. It ranges from Alter Bridge to Joshua Radin:

    Seeing Metalingus LIVE is one of the highlights of my life - https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150957216250214

    I've seen Joshua Radin 4 times and I've now booked to see him for a 5th =)
  8. AC/DC, Metallica, Powerman 5000.
  9. Bruce! The Boss! YES!!!!!!!
    Saw him in June at the Stadium of Light, EPIC!

    You have made a good choice Sir.

    My spotify playlist consisting of about 20 songs.
    If I don't listen to that, I listen to Capital FM or the Wrecking Ball album.

  10. I'm a huge fan of bluesy kinda rock, so I listen to a shit load of Aerosmith (early stuff, first three or so albums), Doors, Yardbirds and Stones. I'm also a huge fan of Hard Rock, love bands like Zeppy and Deep Purple. Oh and I've found a whole new liking for Psychadelic and arty kinda music, like The Beatles and Yes (which might be obvious to some as my avatar is a pic of their best album, Fragile and my usertitle is just a random quote of a sweet song of theres).

    I listen to pretty much everything though. Like recently I've been really bored and been playing through some Pokemon games. Some of the songs in their are so catchy I've got them on my Phone. Heres two:

    Show Spoiler


    Oh and, a little plug for some of my terrible music. I like recreating songs made by others, it's a hobby of mine. Composed these two by myself then put them into FLS, imo they both sound terrible but I'm still kinda proud of them. Just a jazzy take on two of my favorite songs.

    Show Spoiler

    Yes, they're really shit, I know. Especially the first one.
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  11. Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian are my current favourites.
  12. Lies is one of my favorite albums :yay:

    You're Crazy is amazing.
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  13. I used to love AM, they went off after there 2nd album though IMO. Ever heard of Reverend and The Makers, Powlay?
  14. My nigga.

    Ritz to the Rubble. That is all.
  15. Yeah, I went to see them when they were supporting Kasabian, great music, Champion of the World is my favourite, like most their songs though.
  16. Takes a unique sound to make my favorites list. Infact, I'm so picky that it's not even finished. In order of discovery:

    1. Disturbed
    2. Smashing Pumpkins
    3. ----------
    4. ----------
    5. ----------

    For a band to make the list I have to be able to sit through an entire album without wanting to skip through a single song. Of course I listen to other bands frequently, these ones have become part of my persona, though.
  17. :smashing:
  18. BSB, N;Sinc 98 degrees new kids on the block and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  19. Cheers Stop for the tag and oh my this may take awhile. Gonna fire my itunes up and see if there is any patterns in my most played list!

    LOL JK. Fozzy, Skillet, All Time Low
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