Favorite Batman movie

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. A lot of members on here seems to be Batman fans, or at least fans of the movies. So I thought we'd discuss the Batman films since the last Nolan one is soon to be released. The Dark Knight is in my opinion the best live action Batman film but I also think there are two better films out there. Mask of the Phantasm and Under the red hood.

    Under the red hood is the latest animated Batman film and is as close to a masterpiece an animated Batman film can be. I loved every second of it. It includes Batman as I envisioned him, Nightwing and a kick ass adaptation of the Joker done by John Dimaggio (Bender from Futurama).


    Opening Scene: Listen to the Joker here. Sets the tone of the entire movie.

    Then there is Mask of the Phantasm. The movie haled by Batman fans as the best Batman film over all. Based in the same universe as the 90's cartoon it is dark and gritty, thrilling and interesting.

    Siskel & Ebert review:

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  2. Never seen a batman movie :haha:
  3. I'm not much of a Batman geek, I mostly go with Marvel! :emoji_wink:)

    Off-topic: An awesome parody of Batman:

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  4. Heath Ledger = GOAT Joker.
  5. Always preferred Hammill's joker tbh.
  6. Step your Joker games up. Nicholson is the GOAT. And the '89 version of Batman is my favorite

  7. Batman is GOAT hero.
  8. Batman & Robin
  9. Dark Knight so far but hopefully that will change after Dark Knight Rises.
  10. batman makes movies?
  11. Batman can do anything.
  12. Dark Knight Rises.
  13. Under the red hood was great tbh.
  14. What about the Adam West TV show?
  15. So camp it was awesome, I love Romero as the joker tbh. The movie was a great bit of fun also.
  16. Yes. My favourite Batman movie is Batman (1966)

  17. Hah, this movie is amazing. My favorite part is where Robin gets the shark repellent and acrobatically hands it to Batman upside down while Batman beats the shit out of a shark.

    But I really enjoy Batman (the first one with Michael Keaton) and Batman Begins.
  18. I like Batman begins the best.
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