Favorite Brand?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. What was your favorite brand during the Brand Split? RAW, SmackDown or ECW?

    I like ECW. Nah, I was a SmackDown guys especially in the early Brand Split years.
  2. I stopped watching before the ECW shit happened. Smackdown had better matches, but Raw had funner storylines and backstage Shenanigans. But if I had to choose 1, I would with Saturday Night Velocity
  3. Didnt watch unless you include the Invasion, WCW's crew really made people look big for WWF at the time, and I'm JACKED to get to Jericho Unifying the belts. I've got all of 2001-2003 and so far it's been awesome. Shane O mac, that Rock return from suspension and Y2J being in the ME scene are all great. Hell I'm finally past RTC and Stacy Keibler is on there.
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  4. Since I'm in one of "those" moods, Doritos >>>>

    anyway again, haven't watched forever or anything but always have a soft spot for Smackdown. Shortly after I started watching I turned on Cena and turned off Raw due to him, had a friend fill me in, eventually really got into wrestling and realized "oh, I can just watch both shows and enjoy what I like?!" then Raw got these guest hosts and nope, not watching that shit. Besides 2009 Smackdown was awesome, WHC Punk >>> 434 Punk... especially the Summer of 2011 turning into a disaster on Raw during the Mark Henry Reign of Terror.

    Now it's the weekly place where there's no expectations and better commentary and the New Day can just sing a song and I'll say "Eh, not a bad show :emoji_slight_smile:"
  5. I stopped watching rassling regularly for a while when this was going on, but I do remember tuning in on to Smckdown from time to time.
  6. Check me into the Smackdown hotel.

    Reborn ECW was dope until it went PG.

    Stopped watching WWE all around during 2009, heard I didn't miss anything great. Still watched TNA, though.
  7. Checking into the SmackDown hotel, as well.
  8. SmackDown too, I guess. Didn't see much of it.
  9. Smackdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used to be must watch back in the day when Paul Heyman was writing it
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  10. So SmackDown.
  11. Smackdown. My only hiatus from wrestling was before the brand split and I really liked the idea when I returned to watching. When Smackdown moved to Friday, it just worked well for me. Better matches too.
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  12. It looked like Smackdown if I watched during that time, Raw looked like a bore and back in the day was just the Triple H show from 2002-2006