Favorite Championships

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dejuan, Nov 11, 2013.

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  1. for me it would be
  2. Miss the Hardcore belt the 24/7 rule was hilarious with ppl trying to get sneak pins with ppl sleeping. Crash Holly was funny as hell as the wimpy champ who kept retaining through luck and fluke.
  3. i laughed so hard gerald brisco won it
  4. 90s IC title
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  5. Cruiserweight title is definitely one I miss.
  6. 90's IC Belt, Winged Eagle belt, European, Hardcore and I love the new one.
  7. The Euro championship wasn't my favorite but I'd love to see it back.
  8. The light heavyweight championship aka the taka michinoku belt lol
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  9. WWE Championship
  10. [​IMG]


    (Yes, the World Heavyweight Championship isn't an original WWE-produced design, but whatever, it belongs to the WWE now, and it's the most prestigious world championship design ever in any promotion IMO.)
  11. Million Dollar Championship baby
  12. Millions of Dollars! Lol
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  13. I thought of that after posting actually. How cool would it be if PTP won the tag belts and made them look like this! :yes:
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  14. The Original ECW championship:
    Intercontinental Championship from like '02 to '11
    World Heavyweight Championship:
    WWF Undisputed Championship used for like 3 months with the WWF logo:
    The WWF Championship '98-'02
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  15. Currently it'll have to be the TNA World Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. I'm a sucker for big gold world titles really. In the past, I actually enjoyed Andre The Giant's championship belt. One of my favorites, due to so many nation flags on the side plates and the beautiful front plate too.
  16. 98-02 WWF championshop was my favorite.
  17. Would mark hard to see a Cruiserweight Title return.
  18. I loved when the undisputed champ had both belts like when Jericho won them.
  19. The Big Gold, the Winged Eagle, the WCW US Title, the Undisputed Title, and the Million Dollar Championship. The '98 to '02 WWF Title is pretty sweet, too.
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