Favorite current artists/bands?

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  1. Post some of your favorite contemporary artists or bands here.
  2. I'm big into the punk/skate/pop punk scene, always have always will likely.

    Some of my favorites include:
    Bad Religion
    Four Year Strong
    Fall out boy
    All Time Low
    Blink 182
    Me vs Hero
    Rise Against
    Alkaline Trio
  3. Ghost

    ''Ghost is the name of a devil worshipping ministry, that in order to spread its unholy gospels and, furthermore, trick mankind into believing the end is ultimately a good thing, have decided to use the ever so popular rock music medium as a way to achieve their ends.''

    Heh. Silly, but oh so awesome.

    Definitely one of my favorite bands atm. They play an old school style of Heavy Metal/Rock.
    Some might find the over the top imagery or lyrics (tongue-in-cheek Satanism/Occultism) a turn off, but I fucking love it. It's like 70's Horror/Exploitation films put to music, and it adds to the creepiness of the music.
    Good shit.

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    How can you not love this video?

  4. I'm sure I've forgotten some lol, but these are some I could think of off the top of my head:

    Kelly Clarkson
    Linkin Park
    Melanie Fiona
    Kings of Leon
    Colbie Caillat
    Foo Fighters
    Mariah Carey
    Ray LaMontagne
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Sara Bareilles
  5. For recent artists, here's some:

    Halestorm, who is the best band to win a grammy award in the best hard rock and metal category with a female fronting the band.
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    Gary Clark Jr, gots a bunch of awards last year, and shared the same stage as legends such as B. B. King, Kirk Hammet of Metallica, Eric Clapton, and many more.
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    El Ten Eleven is a indie rock band that makes instrumental music. The guitarist is both the guitarist and bass player, having a double neck guitar with the top head a guitar and bottom a bass guitar. A very unique band, and is amazing to watch them play live.
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    WZRD a alternate rock band consisting of two members, Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius. I like this album, it's nice and calming, and very relaxing with soothing lyrics.
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    Last one is rapper Hopsin. I like his raw style of rapping and his lyrics are amazing. Also, his eyes are fucking badass(yes I know it's contacts, still looks cool).
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  6. Of course I have a shitload more, but most people already know about them, like Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Killswitch Engage, Soundgarden, System of a Down, Steve Vai, Santana, Saul Williams, etc.
  7. At the moment my favourite artists consist of:
    Electronic - Savant, Glitch Mob, Akira Kiteshi, Yuksek, Marcel Woods, Feed Me & MitiS

    Non-Electronic - Yes, Dream Theater, Machinae Supremacy, Sabaton, Cage the Elephant & The Offspring
  8. Not Much
    Linkin Park
    Sleeping With Sirens
    Anything Main Stream
  9. Far too many to name all so here are a few:
    Foals(seen live)
    Gang Gang Dance
    melt banana(seen live)
    Tom Waits
  10. Yeah i found this band by accident and now I love them,, I bought their new album the other day in HMV (music shop for people that arent sure what i mean ) and ive never stopped playing it ^^
    The only other band I like is a band called Mindless Self Indulgence, ive seen these guys live and it was the best gig ive been to (even though I had a bad cold and felt like shit, plus I got punched in the face and got a bloody nose, i got my revenge on the guy that hit me, I punched him back and people cheered for me XD)
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  11. NICE!
    Very cool to see another fan in here, not too many people here seem to be into this type of music haha.

  12. Had lots of friends in high school who were into rock/heavy metal and a couple of close friends who were into death metal/black metal so kinda grew up with it.
    I was more into the indie scene when i was younger up to the age of 10, thanks to my dad, he used to play all kinds of indie bands.
  13. Haha that's pretty cool. I'm huge into that sort of music (Heavy/Death/Black.. Metal in general).

    What do you listen to mostly nowadays?
  14. I mostly listen to Behemoth, Arch Enemy, the only J-rock band i listen to- Dir En Grey, Queens of the Stone Age and In Flames, those are the main ones i listen to.
  15. That's cool. You have some pretty nice taste :3
  16. Same to you :smug-47:
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