favorite Entrance attires/props

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by the_hoff, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. Miz's coat. God dammit I've wished it was in a WWE game since he started wearing it.
  2. The Hoff's surprised at this. Think it woulda been by now. Get ontop of shit over there guys! C'monnnn
  3. Nooooope every year I look and every year I cry.
  4. They get a kick out of stepping all over our hopes. Damn you, damn you all
  5. Shawn's assless chaps.
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  6. Damn, those were some sweet-ass assless chaps. :bitw:
  7. Any HBK wrestlemania gear
  8. How about any Diva ever? That count?
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  9. Sure why not? The Hoff can't leave out them hott pieces of ass
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  10. The Uso's doing the chant thing is awesome.
  11. HHH's WM get up when he came in on a throne looking like a barbarian
  12. Yeah, Trips kinda stole that idea from The Hoff. I should sue. :pity2: I'm sure they don't want another lawsuit on their hands..'specially coming from yours truly
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