Favorite Entrance Theme Song

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Arrow, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Only 2 per user.

    Randy Orton - I hear voices

    Ok, let's see if any of you can tell me who this theme song belongs to. (Nickname as well)

    First one to guess it right will be safe from an RKO for one night of their choice from now until WrestleMania 28!
  2. The second one is Mr America's theme :thumbup: .

    Anyway my picks :
    Cult Of Personality by Living Color

    The Rock's hollywood theme by Jim Johnstone

  3. Damn you seabs.

    Love that theme though.
  4. The song is called "Voices" by the way, not "I Hear Voices".

    I put this on a different thread but here it is anyways.

  5. RKO on @[Crayo]!!!!!!
  6. Christians 06' theme was pure gold.

    Still on my boat @[RKO] :boat:.
  7. You mean this?

  8. That was his 06' theme?
  9. Your boat doesn't look like it's moving any. Just staying in one spot..... In the center of the forum..... Why is that? @[Crayo]
  10. He signed for TNA in mid November of 2005 so yeah it was. I take it you mean his 2005 WWE theme?
  11. @[Crayo] What he said.
  12. Yeah ^^

    In the one that CM Punk posted it said 06 so I just presumed. Lol.
  13. My theme:

    Evolution theme:
  14. Not a fan of your theme actually @[Goldberg], sorry. Don't spear me.

    I loved the evolution one, one of the best of all time.
  15. The WCW version of Goldberg's theme seemed better for some reason. It did leave that impression that shit was going to go down though like Lesnar's theme.
  16. Used to get goosebumps at his WCW theme.
  17. I know that feeling lol. Especially when he'd stand there with the smoke around him. It was epic. I love @[Goldberg] seriously.
  18. I like to keep my theme simple.
  19. The Evoulution theme was pretty great. I think it was done by Motorhead? I liked it. Once a great team....... Until @[Goldberg] stuck his nose into our business!