Favorite ever sporting event?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Robbie Coletrain, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Says it all in the title really, what was the best sporting event you've ever seen live? It could be for a number of reason like the crowd were excellent, the event itself was a lot of fun.

    Something you know you will remember for the rest of your life and look back on it fondly.

    This is mine...

    Now this is my favorite for a number of reasons, firstly, the crowd were incredible, something I miss very much about Boro's glory days, they kept going all night even when we looked all but out.

    Secondly, it sent us right into the UEFA Cup final, somewhere we'd only dreamed of reaching, at the start of the tournament I didn't think we had a chance of getting there.

    Also a number of Boro heroes were created that game, Stewart Downing, Massimo Maccarone, Mark Viduka. The players really stepped up their game and fought on strong despite needing to score 4 goals.

    Finally, in my honest opinion, it is the greatest comeback ever, maybe that is biased as it's Boro but that is my opinion. To comeback like that not only once, but twice just makes it incredible, something I never have seen before and I will probably never seen done again by Boro players, it was a new start for us, we had a bright future, we could take our place as one of the top half teams in the Prem was great. Obviously it didn't turn out that way but that was the feeling around Middlesbrough, for once people felt like things were on the up at The Riverside, and it was brilliant.

    Well there is mine so what is your favorite ever sporting event.
  2. Right now I loved Ferrer/Nadal match, it's the latest one I've watched and in my opinion it's perfect :yay:

    The match was today so I don't believe I can find it online
  3. you pinched mine so ill go for the carling cup final first trophy in 128 years also smashing man utd 4-1
  4. I'm surrounded by Michigan fans in a hostile environment wearing nothing but RED. My favorite player that year Kurt Coleman, comes outta NOWHERE and rips down a one handed one foot in bounds interception -Everyone is screaming "no fuckin' way" while I'm pointing my hand in the other direction of the field screaming KURT FUCKING COLEMAN don't need a review that MFer is going the other way!

    Followed closely by Chikara 'We Must Eat Michigan's Brain' which is where I got to meet DBRYAN :yes:
    Who gave anyone in the crowd that wanted one a free picture and a autograph (signed Bryan Danielson) I got mine put on his "Violent" t shirt that Danielson wants oh so badly.
  5. Wow. I would have to ponder this question for days to give you a legitimate answer.
  6. Yeah, bring it over and let me buy it off you damn it.
  7. Any football world cup. I always get cyked for the world cup. Also Sweden's last match on our old national arena vs Brazil was a great moment for football history in Sweden.

    Also Sweden vs England in the first match at our new national arena. Zlatan was on fire that night and the bicycle kick goal was amazeballs.
  8. Munich, 1999. Best CL comeback ever.
  9. Istanbul 2005.CL final.
  10. I think lpool v milan in 05 edges it
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  11. Disagree. That was more of an AC flop than an epic comeback imo.
  12. Saints vs Colts at the Superbowl. That's all.
  13. Another one would be England's 5-1 win over Germany. I'm half Spanish as well so watching Spain dominate the international scene has been pretty awesome too. Murray winning the Australian open was fucking epic too.
  14. I would consider the final 99 as Bayern flop as well, but it does not take away the fact that United won, the same with Liverpool in 05. Both finals counts as one of the best Champions League finals ever. I'm a Liverpool fan and I obviously think the final in istanbul edges the final 99, but you are a United fan and will say the opposite, but one thing is sure and that is that both finals were great!
  15. A Bayern flop? Really? Both goals were incredibly late and were scored because of the sheer pressure United were putting on them. It was more of a United will power coming through scenario rather than a Bayern chucked it away scenario.
  16. Yeah it was a flop letting in 2 goals from corners in the last 3 minutes, when the amount of goals scored on corners is like 2.5%. So that was a flop from Bayern. But it was will power from United as well, the same as the final in 05. Liverpool came out in the second half with pure will power and Milan flopped big time.
  17. whilst were on the subject of comebacks does anyone remember monaco's journey in the champioms league there comeback vs madrid was epic 4-2 in the first leg at the bernabau then they smashed madrid 3-1 to get to the final i loved watching them that year
  18. Let's just agree to disagree, lol.
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  19. Love watching that video I posted, it gives me chills every time, the commentator just screaming at the end sums everyone in Middlesbrough's feelings at the time.
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  20. Lots of moments with Beşiktaş, let me tell some.

    We beat Liverpool 2-1 but our fans... Just incredible...

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