Favorite Game Console

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by True Warrior, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. What is your favorite game console?
  2. All time: Nintendo 64
    Current: Xbox 360
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  3. All time SNES

    Now PS3
  4. Sexbox.
  5. Nintendo 64 is the GOAT but I go on the Xbox 360 most nowadays.
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  6. PS3.
    A duh.
  7. That's a strange way to spell PC.
  8. N64 and PS2 ruled my childhood.

    But it's sexbox 360 for me nowadays.
  9. My laptop. Got N64, Gamecube, SNES, PS2, etc. games all on here and I can even play it with my favorite controller the PS2 (well, the PS3 controller but it's pretty much just the PS2's).

    If you're forcing me to pick a "real" one, the PS2 easily.
  10. Your avatar is gorgeous. I think I have told you this before though.
  11. Quite tempted to get a Wii U sometime. Impressed with it so far even though the starting line up has been a bit weak.
  12. All Time: Sega Genesis
    Current: PS3
  13. definately Xbox no doubt about it
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