Favorite/greatest Resident Evil Game?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Kassius HoHo, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Still in my top 10 favorite games to play, being a little kid growing up and seeing the cut scenes especially terrifying to go through levels playing the game. I think I remember at one point dropping the game and not finishing till years later. Yes the graphics are outdated, and yes the shooting can piss you off but with the enviroments, the music and the story I say it's my favorite Resident Evil game. So that might be my favorite what about everyone else who has the enjoyment of playing these survivor playing games?
  2. Resi 2 used to know every map perfectly as remember playing with my mate telling him where everything was. I was dogpoo at the game let him play I was the wingman.
  3. A tie between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4.

    Resident Evil 2 has the best atmosphere and music of any of the games imo, plus the A and B scenarios made for a longer playthrough. And I know RE4 is when the series deviated from the usual zombie fare and started to feel more like an action game (although it still had a survival horror aspect to it because you still needed to make a habit of conserving ammo as much as possible), but it's still a great fucking game and I've played through it probably more than any other RE game.
  4. #1 & 2 all day.. Resident Evil used to be about limited ammo supply, the later games made it a little more accessible,
    Regardless they have had some great games.
  5. 2 was a bitch if you ran out of ammo as that daft little knife was bloody awful.
  6. Haha thats how it would be in real life if the average person was in a zombie situation.. a bitch!
  7. I didnt play 1-2 since I was only a small kid when they came out and well my mum was a bit stricter back then with what I could watch or play on the PS1, played a bit of Resident Evil 3 on my cousin's PS1, made me jump a lot :emoji_slight_smile:
    Missed out on RE4 and rejoined the series at RE5, which I did enjoy but I could see that the series had fallen from grace a little from when I played it last and Ive avoided RE6 since many people told me to not waste my money on it
  8. My favorite's Resident Evil 5. Pretty easy to tell I'm not really a big fan of this series huh? I also really liked what I played of Resident Evil 4 but it didn't contain multiplayer (which is what I play RE5 for) and had Ashley who's a total bitch and I hate her. Not my most eloquent thought but it still expresses my opinion well enough I think.
  9. I only ever played 2 in full so I am going with that one. I was never a huge fan of the games but I did enjoy the one I played. Scared the crap outa me though. haha
  10. I have Resident Evil V and I've enjoyed that one so far. I haven't played the others though so I have nothing to compare it to.
  11. Resi 4 is exactly like that game, but better in every way. Just please don't ever buy 6.
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