Favorite Holiday Goodies?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Dec 10, 2013.

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    We all know everyone LOVES goodies and dessert. So what's your favorite holiday snacks/deserts?

    Mine has to be either Pumpkin Rolls or Buckeyes :3
  2. :hmm:

    This is tough cause I am not into sugar stuff like I was years ago... So... ermmm... Cheese Cake I suppose. I go to my mom's every year for Christmas Eve and bring desert normally but this year I am bringing trail mix that has dried fruit, nuts and pretzels in it. Gotta switch thangs up. Its an healthier option as well.
  3. I sure do love deserts... all that sand and the heat... :woo:

    My butterscotch cheesecake sure goes down a treat with the family though :obama:
  4. Don't lie Jono... We all know you only love Domino's.
  5. :true:

    But seriously, my butterscotch cheesecake >
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  6. Butterscotch must be the GOAT flavour for any desert. Every time I have butterscotch angel delight I have to change my underwear.

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  7. One day, soon, in a galaxy not far away, I will make it for you. It is butterscotch angel as the topping I use. Holy jesus
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  8. WWEForums turned SLUTForums for Desserts
  9. My stomach literally just yelped. Keep talking dirty to me like this and you might one day get staff.
  10. If I keep going the college censor is going to kick in :sad:

    when i get home :ksi:
  11. hack the censor, fuck the censor, if i keep skipping college I'll be gettin densor

    stfu @Coon censor is hard to rhyme with
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  12. Black bars across words, suppression of the censor,
    my black bar goes hard, rock hard when I sense 'er,
    strip out suppression, our bodies get tenser
    as I ejaculate the words together, verb condenser.

    Don't feel bad for your rhymes,
    it may be hard to spit or maybe hard for you to stay in time,
    but the words you type are yours, a sign online,
    and to censor them would be a crime
    with punishment to stay offline for all time,
    and to realise that what you say is yours,
    and mine is mine.

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  13. Fuck sake
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  14. :pipebomb:
  15. Holy shit. Holiday desserts just took a tense curve.
  16. I like cookies all year round, so I guess cookies with some retard splattered green and red frosting.
  17. For Christmas, my mom makes lots of Christmas candy. Some of the best ones she makes are the Peanut Butter Balls and Oreo Cookie Fudge.
  18. Came here to post cookies as well. LOSTA COOKIES. :gusta:
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  19. Turkey/steaks/veggie trays. I don't get into candy.
  20. Not a fan of candy? Damn
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