Other Favorite Indy Feud of 2015

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  1. Name your favorite feuds of the 2015 year in Independent wrestling. Below are some of my choices.

    Johnny Gargano vs. Ethan Page - I actually really like Page, and since debuting in Evolve back at 39(?). And turning heel, during WrestleMania week. I just loved the guy. His in-ring work is great, and suits his charisma. He seems very comfortable in-front of the crowd. Mesh that with a talented and charismatic worker in Garagno + some back up with Swann and you get some interesting shit.

    (Not really 2015, but close enough) Kyle O'Reily vs. Roddy Strong - Roderick Strong was just a great choice to face Kyle, and their Guerrilla Warfare match back in December, was one of the best matches PWG put on, ever. imo at least

    Roderick Strong vs. Drew Galloway - Another EVOLVE and Strong feud, but their matches. In the cage, and their brawls outside the venue were really memorable moments. They had fantastic chemistry, too bad it had an anti-climatic ending. Imo at least.

    Jay Lethal vs. ROH Roster - Lethal has automatically turned into a bad ass, after becoming the best damn wrestler on ROH's roster, with their two top singles titles in his possession. Being undefeated since August and beating everyone from Moose to Mark Briscoe to Jay Briscoe. This is by far my favorite feud/angle of the 2015 indy year.
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  2. WWE talent scouts vs Indie Companies
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  3. Your choices, there, are the same as mine, Tsar.

    Another feud that comes to mind and I've been enjoying it so far, is Mount Rushmore 2.0 vs the PWG roster.
  4. PWG barely does feuds
  5. kthx
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  6. This one they've been doing has been fun though.
  7. How? How has this "feud" advanced? The one guy trying to make it a feud got signed by the WWE and is gone.
  8. Jimmy Havoc vs Will Ospreay in Progress. Resulted in an amazing title match that is probably my MOTY.
  9. What Kat said. Havoc vs Ospreay takes it. No other company has come close to booking half as compelling a feud.
  10. The Mt. Rushmore feud? It first built with Roddy helping the Bucks win matches IIRC, then we had that awesome reveal with them getting together also with Dragon (motivation being to dominate PWG and kill everyone, I assume, which is fair) and dropping half the roster on their necks and so far we have had some awesome matches with them killing the dudes they beat up previously who want revenge. I wouldn't call it my favorite, but it has been fun enough albeit simple.
  11. Not really a fan of the whole Rushmore versus roster shtick, personally. It was all dandy the first time around, but it just isn't clicking now.

    While we're on the subject of stables versus rosters, Fourth Gunn/SMASH has been executed really well. From Shelley dethroning their undefeated champion with the help from the former outcast Vega/Tarik, to Shelley passing the title to Gargano, to the acquisition of Gulak/Busick, and then Chuck Taylor joining. All lovely stuff.

    I also wouldn't classify ROH as an Indy anymore.
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