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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by feelingood, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Punk vs. Jericho

  2. Barrett vs. Axel vs. Miz Intercontinental title triple threat match

  3. Del rio vs. ziggler World Heavyweight title

  4. AJ vs. Kaitlyn Diva's title

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  5. Cena vs. Ryback WWE title 3 stages of hell match

  6. Kane vs. Dean Ambrose U.S title

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  7. Orton and Bryan vs. The shield Tag team Titles

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  8. Sheamus vs. Sandow Pre-show match

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  1. What was your favorite match at payback, mine was Cena vs. Ryback in the three stages of hell match for the WWE title
  2. Del Rio vs Ziggler for sure.
  3. Del Rio/Ziggler was the best in terms of drama.
  4. Del Rio/Ziggler easily. My favorite match so far of the year (and this is coming from someone who only watches WWE PPV's!).
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  5. Going into the show I just wanted good wrestling, some sort of surprise, and no retarded Daniel Bryan heel turn.

    Even after the ending was spoiled Del Rio and Ziggler was the first match this year where I forgot I was watching scripted entertainment. Poor Ziggler tore at my emotions before my smart-mark brain kicked in and saw the logical/unorthodox/awesome booking you don't see from WWE very often. Both sides were completely impressed. After Del Rio's promo I just said "If the rest of the show sucks and Daniel turns after all, I'll be fine with this PPV since this match/injury angle was so damn good".

    Match of the night easily, match of the year so far depending on your perspective. And there were 3 other matches (Kaitlyn vs AJ, the IC Title match, and Punk/Jericho) which would have been MOTN at some PPV's recently.

  6. So I'm like, completely alone on my negative view of the Kaitlyn/Aj bout?

    Anyway, Del Rio had a promo? I tend to just skip to the matches and avoid most of the other stuff (entrances mostly) when watching PPV's, guess I must have skipped it by accident. Any chance you can link it?
  7. Wow, Mustafar, are we in the Twilight Zone? Did you really just ask to be linked to an Alberto Del Rio promo? Damn, never thought I'd ever hear that.
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  8. Haha, yeah I know. Never thought I'd ask.

    Anyway, thanks for the link. It was good, definitely a nice way to cap off the match.
  9. for me it was Cena vs Ryback ~ i got bored of the other matches i fell asleep when i was not tired and Cena vs Ryback match it kept me awake
  10. I'm going to go with the triple threat Intercontinental Title match. The match was decent and the ending was awesome. I was scared at the end because I thought Miz was going to win the title again,but, Axel came in and stole the win from Miz which was just great to me. Plus,Axel winning the same title his father once held on father's day really added some emotion to everything.
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  11. Pretty much this^

    While I did enjoy ADR/Ziggler, watching Curtis Axel win the IC title(in it's current state it is similar to Mr Perfect's IC title when he had it), it was just awesome. While I'm not a huge Mr/ Perfect fan, I did respect his in ring in a high regard, and watching his son win it at Father's Day, and looking up to the sky, it was more of a beautiful ending to the match.
  12. Ziggler/Del Rio followed by the IC Triple Threat. Jericho/Punk was also nice.
  14. LOL How on earth am I the only one who voted for Punk/Jericho?
    That was the best match without a doubt. Ziggler/Del Rio was great in terms of drama but it was no way near Punk/Jericho in terms of ..well...wrestling.
    And 2 people voted for the worst 3 stages of hell match of all time, how? lol
  15. Barret vs Axel vs Miz
  16. Lol I suck, noticed how I was able to double post by editing the first post and quoting said edit while making a grammar mistake. Never seen that before.
  17. get the fuck out and stay the fuck out.

    storytelling match of the decade >> generic WWE match with exchanged signature moves and gobs of 2 counts
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  18. :sad: :okay:
  19. You're going to be such a great mod.

    This is in the wrong section. The best match was....ADR DZ?
  20. Is it weird that I enjoyed Cena vs. Ryback.....
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