Favorite member of the Shield

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Dec 1, 2013.

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  1. Ambrose

  2. Reigns

  3. Rollins

  1. Roman Reigns is an absolute beast, but I can't get over Ambrose.
  2. I love them all, but Rollins is my favorite. Hopefully they'll all be future world champions
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  3. They all have potential to be. I see both Reigns and Ambrose in the WHC scene, however as Rollins is more small, athletic, crafty I see him sticking to the IC and US title. There's nothing wrong with that, though
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  4. Reigns. the other two are ok
  5. I like all of the members involved in The Shield but, Ambrose is still my favorite.
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  6. For me: Reigns>Rollins>Ambrose.
  7. Reigns is my personal favorite (that spear!!) but they're all great.
  8. Reigns is an animal
  9. Roman Reigns. While I do see them all being world champions in the future, I see Roman as my favorite. He has a great(coughSEXYcough) look, an intense finisher and just that powerful feel that I got when I saw Batista or Bobby Lashley. His mic skills are decent, and he has plenty of time to improve.
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  10. Reigns ofc. Absolute beast.

    Don't know how it'll roll with Ambrose and Rollins..
  11. Ambrose is my favorite. But, I think that Reigns will have the biggest impact out of all three of The Shield members.
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  12. they've all been my fav at some point since there debut
  13. Reigns has the look, and was booked beautifully at the previous PPV. I still personally prefer Rollins because he excites me more with his in-ring ability.
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  15. Jon Moxley or Tyler Black
  16. I agree zach. Something about Ambrose' character that makes me wanna see him get a singles push when the shield angle is over
  17. really surprised rollins even has 1. Voted Reigns.
  18. WOAH
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  19. Rollins has the best in ring grace/formation in my opinion. I enjoy him the most. Second is Ambrose and last is Reigns. Reigns don't impress me much to be honest. Just another big guy repeating other big guy moves. Vince likes um big though so he will likely get the best push after the Shield is done. But yeah... Rollins. 100%. Ambrose is great on the mic and pretty good in ring but highly overrated. I can't give much cred to Reigns either because he is built to look/be strong. He is suposta be the jaw dropper of the group (in ring). As I said, I am not impressed.

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