Favorite Modern Day Comedians

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Meshuggah, May 4, 2013.

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  1. I'm talking about comedians from 2000 - now.

    Some of my favs are:

    - Katt Williams
    - Gabriel Iglesias
    - Daniel Tosh
    - Henry Rollins
    - G Riley
    - Dave Chappelle
  2. Katt Williams is dreadful. It bothers me that you included Tosh and Chappelle with the rest of those guys, honestly. :eww:

    My list is pretty cliche, but the best are the best for a reason. David Cross, Chris Rock, Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Patrice O'Neil (RIP) Greg Giraldo (RIP), Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Tosh (stand up, his show sucks), Norm McDonald, Jim Norton.... I'll stop there I guess.
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  3. Bill Burr, Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr. Don't really keep up to date with watching comedy so the only chance I get are panel shows and stuff.
  4. I find Daniel Tosh decent. His show is hilarious but his comedy acts... not so much.
  5. It's called personal preference. We obviously think different things are funny. You don't think gabriel iglesias is funny?

    Henry Rollins is the shit, btw. I ain't changing a single name on that list. Tosh's show does suck, which is why I only watch his stand up.
  6. I know it is personal preference but Katt Williams is one guy I just have to shit on. Haven't seen much of Henry Rollins, might look into him.
  7. Really? I'm just the opposite. I found his original comedy central stand up special hilarious and his second to be very good, but his show just makes me face palm constantly.
  8. Not a huge comedy guy tbh but I like Reginald D Hunter

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  9. Happy Thoughts?
    Also, not sure how many times you've seen his show. The first season was ehn.
  10. I've seen a considerable amount of Tosh.0 and its just him making a ton of queer jokes, about himself, and then talking about sex the rest of the show.

    Sex with men, sex with women, sex with animals. Like, really?

    Now, Ridiculousness is funny shit, I love me some rob deer dick. I personally think Dyrdek should do stand up, but that's just me. At least give it a try.
  11. I've seen it plenty and a lot of clips. It is more weird/gay than funny IMO.

    Happy Thoughts was his second special, Completely Serious from 07 is funnier
  12. In a gay/weird way it's funny if you like that kind of humour.

    His first season, he seemed a bit insecure, but he pulled through later on and had funnier segments.
    Season 1 episode:

    I've seen Happy Thoughts and thought it was decent/ Will have to watch Completely Serious.
  13. Oh good idea posting videos of the comedians. Might help everyone get a better understanding of why you think their funny, eh?

    Gabriel Iglesias -

    Henry Rollins -

    Katt Williams -
  14. Lmao, isn't that the guy who is in the shit with the PFA?
  15. Ya they hired a guy who's material is known for possibly being offensive then put him in front of the Kick racism outta football guys...

    Another I enjoy is Roy Chubby Brown -

    I kind of like the offensive shock comedy.
  16. Lol I know, they only have themselves to blame and now they're asking for his wages back, retards. :lol1:

    Yup, Chubby Brown is funny, he's from Middlesbrough as well, us smoggies are a hoot.
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  17. When did Gohan get on Tosh?
  18. Football's governing bodies are fucking idiotic.
  19. Better than Happy Thoughts. Also, is that all of it? Ended oddly.
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