Money in the Bank Favorite Money in the bank match of all time.

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by B.Dazzle, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. What is your favorite Money in the bank match of all time?

    Mine is probably the WHC MITB from last night. It was a perfect match with a great crowd.
  2. WM23 is up there for me.

    For worst MITB though, I would probably say WM 22 has contention.
  3. Don't really think it'll be of all time, it's just until 2013. I'm sure we'll have better MITB matches in the future.
  4. Fine, what is your favorite MITB so far?
  5. can't decide between
    >Last Night WWE Championship
    >Wrestlemania 24
    >Wrestlemania 26
  6. Mine would have to be Wrestlemania 24's.
  7. WrestleMania 23 easily for this guy. Longest match of the Mania era (which reminds me, a big reason why I liked that they gave MITB it's own PPV, imagine how short the MITB match would've been at XXIX having to compete with Rock/Cena II, Lesnar/Trips II, & Punk/Taker). Had a great progression and the perfect balance between spots and just wrestling (for example, the WHC from this Sunday focused a little too much on the former, while the latter focused more on the latter [I think you guys get what I'm saying (and I did enjoy both by the way, so I'm in no way insulting either)]), everyone got a chance to shine in it and they had some of the best spots. I really loved Matt in that match, he was such a manipulative bastard. From him egging Jeff on to do his ladder spot on Edge (taking both out of the match) and then threatening to Twist of Fate Sharmell if Booker gets the briefcase (honestly probably my favorite spot in all of MITB). Also loved the RKO spot and Kennedy's attack on Hornswoggle (anything to beat up Hornswoggle). Finally, during the time Kennedy was my favorite guy maybe outside of Shawn Michaels so yeah, loved the winner too.

    XXIV is definitely my second favorite though. Not sure about what my third is though, maybe the most recent WWE one though I haven't seen all the ones the ones from the MITB era.
  8. For me it's tied between the one from WM21 and the WHC one from 2013.
  9. Definately this year's WHC match, simply amazing!
  10. 2010 Raw one, loved that match. Some great spots in there and Miz winning made it even better.
  11. I've seen two MITB matches in person and that was at WM 25 & 26, so i have a personal bias for those two. If I were to pick one of them it would be 26 because Shelton Benjamin performed very well in that match.
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