Favorite move of the wrestler above you

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zach, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Basically, you post your favorite move for the wrestler the above person posted, then you post a new one, and so on.

    For example:

    Post 1: Kane
    Post 2: Chokeslam - John Cena
    Post 3: Attitude Adjustment - Rey Mysterio
    Post 4: 619 - Cm PUnk


    Randy Orton
  2. Good thread.

    Boreton :hmm: :emoji_grin:ropkick

    Dolph Ziggler?
  3. Zigzag

    Bobby Roode
  4. Pay off

    Jack Swagger
  5. Gut wrench power bomb

  6. Anaconda Vice

    Giant Gonzales
  7. Chokeslam

    Tyson kidd
  8. Sharpshooter

  9. Frog Splash

    Ted Dibiase
  10. Russian leg sweep

    big show
  11. Shoulder block

  12. That movie he goes on the top rope and jumps down. Not many people at his age/weight/height can do that which is impressive. :obama:

    Daniel Bryan
  13. I like his flying clothesline.

    Daniel Bryan

    Edit - That's so weird :lol1:
  14. That's my favorite as well.

    Front missle drop kick

    Cody Rhodes
  15. Moonassault

  16. Fisherman Suplex

    Mark Henry
  17. Worlds Strongest Slam

    Sin Cara
  18. I don't like anything he does.

  19. Her finisher, the neckbreaker..?

    El Generico.
  20. Only seen some of his work: His brainbuster

    Bully Ray
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