Favorite movies?

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  1. Pick your top five:

    I have too many

    Breakfast Club
    21 Jump Street
    The Other Guys

    Honorable Mentions: The Hills Have Eyes II, Saving Private Ryan, Dodgeball, Forest Gump, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, Step Brothers

  2. The shawshank redemption
  3. I have many, but you already no that. :adr:
  4. Top 5 is tough so I'll just say 5 I enjoyed...

    -American Gangster
    -American History X
    -Shawshank Redemption
    -The Dark Knight (all 3)
  5. In no order, some of my favorites:

    Die Hard
    Die Hard With A Vengeance
    Natural Born Killers
    The Thing (1982 version)
    Once Upon A Time In America
  6. OOPs supposed to name 5 haha
    1. The Shawshank Redemption
    2. The Godfather Part II
    3. Pulp Fiction
    4. Schindler's List
    5. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
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  7. my top 5 fravovrite is:
    1. men in black 3
    2. The dictator
    3. The longest yard
    4. just go with it
    5. faster
  8. :yay:

    1. Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
    2. Men in Black
    3. Scarface
    4. The Other Guys
    5. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  9. 1. The Warriors
    2. Con Air
    3. Predator
    4. The Dark Knight
    5. Me Myself & Irene
  10. Hell ya, i'm a star wars geek haha. Glad you enjoy them as well!
  11. Have episodes 2-6, going to get episode 1 now that I remembered I never bought it :Hmm:
  12. Youre the only one besides me on here to mention that as one of their favorite movies.

    1.Green Mile
    2.Training Day
    4.The Dark Knight Rises
    5.The Dark Knight
  13. :dafuq:

    Don't make me go all Andy Dufresne on your ass!
  14. problem?
  15. I POSTED IT TOO! You're so mean! Just over look my post like it has no meaning! :why:
  16. sorry didnt see it, you and danny are the only ones besides me then. now :gtfo:
  17. Forgot about Training Day, amazing movie.
  18. Its an extraordinary movie. Also the green mile would of been my 6th favorite movie. Still to this day one of the few movies to make me cry. " I'm tired boss"
  19. Lion King
    The Dark Knight
    Iron Man
    Twilight - Joking... :haha:


    Happy Gilmore.
  20. I don't have a top 5.

    Kung Pow: Enter The Fist

    GOAT movie
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