Favorite NFL Rookie?

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  1. RG3.
  2. The muscle hamster! Not really, just wanted to say muscle hamster!

    ~Three Said That~
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  3. ^Haha, that's the worst nickname ever, but so fun to say. Muscle hamster, muscle hamster...

    Mine's a tie between Griffin and Wilson. Luck is overrated.
  4. Andrew Luck.

    I'm a sucker for pocket passers
  5. RGIII & Trent Richardson
  6. Doug Martin was the best rookie RB BY FAR. 245 and 4 td's on the raiders in one game. Considering trent only had 575 yards rushing on the year puts that game into perspective.
  7. Wilson.
  8. T-Rich is beast mode as fuck. He played half the season with busted ribs, had knee surgery before the season, had ankle issues.. played through all that, behind a subpar line, playing with a shithead QB & no threats on the entire offense besides himself... and he had a pretty nice rookie season There is no doubt in my mind that he is more talented than Martin; & that is no slight against DM. I had him on my fantasy team and dude is a killer. But considering he has a great line, good QB, two really good receivers on the outside... he should have had a good season. He produced about like I expected him to.

    But in the long run give me T-Rich easily. I watched him in a few games this year where he was a man amongst boys at times. It won't show up in the stats, but I'm just talking about making 4 yards out of nothing by shaking guys in the backfield and breaking tackles. Games he had against Dallas, the Giants, the first Bengals game, the Pittsburgh game, ect he kept a terrible Browns team games against clearly superior teams.

    Also I'm not sure where you got your stats but Richardson actually had 950 yards rushing, not 575.

    He also had 11 rushing touchdowns.

    He also had 50 catches.

    For the terrible ass Browns. Playing with broken ribs. coming off knee surgery.

    so let's not act like Martin is the gospel and Richardson had a terrible season. Both were great. Statically Martin dwarfs Richardson's numbers (in part to a game with inflated stats against a god awful Raiders team... he didn't have to do anything but run straight through wide open holes.. any RB with speed would have been scoring on those long runs. just saying) but I think what Richardson did as a rookie all things considered was just as if not more impressive than Martin's great rookie campaign.
  9. Yeah I copied the wrong stats down for him. You said Clevelands O-Line is sub-par though, which it's not. JT is a 6 time probowler including this past year, and Alex Mack is solid. It's not like he's running behind scrubs, ya dig? Yeah, the offense besides Trent and the line was awful though.

    Richardson also played Oakland, 20 carries for 72 yards and a TD. Not quite 254, but idc about the shitty ass Raiders, that's just a comparision of the two. I know Trent was hurt, but i'd still take Martin all day.

    Martin also has hands and it's not like Tampa Bay is a power house by any means. I'm sure Trent would have done better in that offense though.

    Richardson is tight, no disrespect to that cat, but I guess this is " favorite rookie", and not the best rookies of 2012. So that's my bad, and I can't argue with who your favorite is. No statistical proof can change your mind, since your opinion is to take Trent. Shit, my favorite is probably Case Keenum .
  10. Disclaimer: This post is all over the place trying to touch on everything you touched on.

    Tampa's offense was a powerhouse though. They went on a tear over the middle of the season where they were putting up huge stats and scores.

    And yea, Thomas is high profile but he isn't as good as he was earlier in his career, and he is more of a pass protector anyhow. and Mack is a solid center. As a Cal fan though I am disappointed that Mack isn't as good as he should have been coming out of college. Besides those two the Cleveland line is absolute shit I can assure you. Tampa has a much better line from side to side.

    And yes, Martin has good hands. So does Richardson. 50 catches.

    I'll bookmark this thread and bump it when Trent is going balls deep on the league next season.
  11. Hell yeah, and I bet Martin will have good numbers next year, so I'd still take him.
  12. More to life than just numbers man
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  13. Yeah, i've always been more impressed with Doug Martin though, it's just extra that he put up pro bowl numbers.Doug is two inches shorter, and weighs two pounds less than Trent. He's a muscle hamster.. I like Dougy fresh more, that's all, he reminds me of Ray Rice.
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