Favorite of the big 4

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Royal Rumble

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  2. Wrestlemania

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  3. Summerslam

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  4. Survivor Series

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  1. Which Pay-Per-View is your favorite out of these four? I like Survivor Series the best, just because of the big tag team match they have, they are usually good and I get pretty excited from them.
  2. Going with WM. I dunno why, but I love Wrestlemania. It's OK for me to miss the other three, but not Wrestlemania!
  3. Good question.

    To me, it's definitely Royal Rumble. The Rumble Match itself is a lot of fun, they haven't dragged it down by adding a concert, and I like to judge PPVs on the consistent quality they bring, and other than 2010 Rumble's always been a good PPV even in the PG Era.

    But the big tag match is so much fun.
  4. Royal Rumble because the Rumble itself is such a differant and interesting idea, you always get really nervous if your favourite is in the final 4 or even 2 and thats why it's great, I don't really get nervous in many other matches except MITB and a DB title match.
  5. Royal Rumble, it gives the young and upcoming superstars a chance, but with some old faces, (Road Dogg,Booker T,Foley etc.) You also don't know could team up, or the most random of people could last to the end, and still lose.
  6. Rumble I think too. Wrestlemania if the card is good though.
  7. Rumble and Survivor series just for the specific matches for those two ppvs. Both allow youngsters to shine. Mania if the card is good which it almost always is.
  8. Never been a fan of Survivor Series, probably because most of the "team" matches suck balls.
  9. last couple of years the survivor series team matches have gotten horrible build yeah.
  10. Hard for me to say because I haven't watched a lot of these older PPVs in a long time, so my memory is fuzzy. I'm inclined to say Wrestlemania just because of the "big show" atmosphere. But I've always loved the Rumble match. It's the only match that I absolutely make sure to watch every year, although the last two years have kinda sucked. I really need to catch up on some old Summerslams. Pretty sure Survivor Series is my least favorite, especially since the older ones have these long tag team elimination matches all over the card.
  11. It's Wrestlemania for me, just the whole atmosphere and build up towards it is Awesome, not to mention how many people turn up to the event so you can actually feel like excitement.
  12. Royal Rumble I guess. Mania is a disappointment/flop every year
  13. Have to go with the Rumble,but i think you should have added Elimination Chamber cuz the chamber matches are awesome
  14. EC matches are quite entertaining too. Drew McIntyre was amazing in the 2010 one. Dolph and Kofi stole the show at the SmackDown one iirc.
  15. I'm torn between WM and RR. I'd pick Mania mostly because it's the biggest, most important event of the year and the Rumble because of the RR match, returns, and etc.
  16. Attitude Era Summerslam and Royal Rumble were the best.
  17. Elimination Chamber isn't one of the big PPVs. It's great, but SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Wrestlemania, and Royal Rumble are the main four.
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