Favorite Pet?

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  1. Heyo, was just curious in all of your experiences with your specific pets which one(s) were your favorite? If it was a dog, cat, bird, fish; what type was it? If you've never had a pet that you liked or just simply never had a pet what kind would you want when you feel you are financially stable to take care of it..

    Personally mine was my ferret that I had in my first apartment, the little fucker was like a dog the way we treated it would just hop up on the couch next do you while you weren't even paying attention and just start licking you.. it took a little bit to potty train it but when all was said and done it knew to go into it's wide open cage and pee or deuce over there off of the carpet.

    I really would like a pair of them as my next pets, they can be really tricky bastards and get themselves caught in hard to reach places and you may not be able to retrieve them without busting a wall open or ripping apart a couch which happened to me and it really sucks but I know better about how to make sure they don't really have that opportunity.

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    pity reply :pity1:
  3. Dogs.

    Especially, My dog :emoji_slight_smile:
    Type = Labrador
    Color = Black & white
  4. An albino tiger would be my favorite pet.
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  5. My cat is definitely my favorite. She's sweet, playful, and loves people. Since I only had a few goldfish growing up, my cat is definitely the best lol
  6. My cat!

    I love her very, very much and she is the sweetest animal on Earth!
  7. What's with the cat love on the site? It's everywhere.

  8. Pet? As in Polyethylene terephthalate? :jeritroll:
  9. Ferrets are like Cat Snakes apparently.. lol check this out..

  10. Pity reply?
  11. Cats are better than every other type of animal.
  12. Always preferred my dog m8, and had both a cat and dog. To bad my neighbors were dickheads and killed him.
  13. Purposefully?
  14. Well considering the fact he was still on our property, yeah
  15. That's fucked up, did you guys press charges or anything?
  16. My uncle was the one whole told me... months after those neighbors moved out :blackmad:
  17. Cats, no competition.
  18. Went to rage at this dude's mom's house last night, she has 3 teacup pigs.. they're so cool.. I doubt they'll be that small though forever.. I know they won't be HUGE or anything but they really look like they'll be decent sized after a few more years. It was funny because they were all so little at the moment just running around the upstairs and backyard while everybody was shitfaced.
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