favorite shield member and why

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mean Smark Callous, Feb 9, 2014.

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  1. mine is dean ambrose great mic skills
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  2. Reigns. He's the one with the most presence and has huge star written all over him, plus he's an exciting big man to watch in the ring. The Superman Punch and the spear are both awesome trademark moves. He's shit on the mic though, which is the only thing I dislike about him.
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  3. Reigns he is really good. He is great in the ring. His spear is awesome. Plus he made a new recode in the RR.
  4. Seth is my favorite member, he is so god damn talented. I love all three though, one of the best factions/stables to come around in a long time.

    You know they're gonna be money when thinking about them reuniting in 5 years for a one off gives you chills.

    If someone could delete my fail below, that would be grand. Cheers. -_-
  6. I started as an Ambrose mark, good ring skills and on good the mic. I'm now starting to prefer Reigns a lot more now he's getting a little more mic time.
  7. Rollins is the man!
    I like his style I think he brings the most intensity in his mic work.
    Although Reigns is VERY close in that regards but this is only my opinion.
  8. Rollins puts on great matches, and he can talk pretty damn good on the mic.
  9. Seth. Hes great inside a ring. Can be a good face and he has got good mic skills. Oh and sells like a boss 8/Ziggler
  10. Reigns, I guess. It's not like they've given us much choice. The other two have the talent, but Reigns has the booking and the charisma.
  11. Ambrose. Because all my favorite workers get fired
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  12. I'm pretty much in the same boat. Reigns > Ambrose > Rollins for me.
  13. Rollins, he has done an amazing job in the role he has had in the shield, and puts on some damn good matches.
  14. Reigns... He's the most charismatic. I like Ambrose and Rollins as well though
  15. Reigns, dominant beast, for some reason I've always been a sucker like Vince for powerful dudes like him. Got charisma to go with it too, could turn him either heel or face and he'd be solid.
  16. Rollins/Reigns are on even field for me tbh.
    Not a huge shield guy to begin with but I can say I have more faith in those two than Dean although I do think there can be room for all three in the WWE in its current state.
  17. Reigns, I watched him play football for 4 years at GT, and had a couple of classes with him, aka Joe Anoai.
  18. Reigns


  19. I like them all equally. Reigns a little more.
  20. lol i already knew your answer dolph
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