Favorite Soda Company?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Coca-Cola

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  2. Pepsi Cola(CM Punk approved)

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  3. Dr. Pepper/7-UP

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  4. RC Cola

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  5. other

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  1. What's your favorite soda company? Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Dr. Pepper, RC Cola, or any other company you can think of :tough:
  2. Favorite Soda?

    I voted other before I saw you wanted us to vote for the company.

    The only soda I drink is [​IMG]

    which google tells me is made by Pepsi
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  3. Yeah I screwed up on the thread name, I fixed it now though...
  4. I rarely drink soda, but its usually always something by cocacola

    always sugar free. I dont understand why everyone doesnt choose sugar free!
  5. You didn't include Monster Beverage Corp. Therefore this is a fucking fail.
  6. Gross dude.


    Unless they have some beverages I'm unaware..

    soda =/= energy drinks
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  7. I choose Caffeine free when I can, so I'll try sugar free to see what it tastes. And I am not aware of Monster having sodas, but there's also the "other" option if you like it.
  8. i only drink diet. Regular shit is so nasty. Diet Dr. Pepper is my drink. Arby's is the only fast food place ive seen that has it, so thank you Arby's
  10. Fanta is owned by Coca-Cola
  11. I don't see Irn Bru...

    @[R'Albin] will hopefully agree it's the best drink.
  12. Coke > Pepsi > everything else
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  13. The second I seen myself tagged by Xanth in a "Soda" related thread I knew what it would be about.

    Oh and I agree wholeheartedly :yes:
  14. Dr.Pepper FTW... Taste's so nice... I even liked the Facebook page (not sad).
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  15. Dr. Pepper is pretty good actually, it has a good unique taste.
  16. True dat. Even though it is meant to lower your sperm count... :facepalm1:
  17. And of course there's the crap they pulled against Slash and Buckethead with Guns N' Roses
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  18. Pepsi Maxx is usually the one for me.
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