Other Favorite Sport To Watch

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Football

  2. Basketball

  3. American Football

  4. Hockey

  5. Tenis

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  6. Cricket

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  7. Baseball

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  8. OTHER

  1. This is seemingly a generic thread but I want to see which everyone prefers. Vote one of the choices above and explain why it is your favorite to watch. If you selected OTHER, share which sport it is. I am obviously not going to list all sports but the most popular ones worldwide in terms of viewers.
  2. There's only one football.

    I don't watch soccer :nermal:

    But yeah I'm not interested in any other sport, really. Hockey I can watch, but any sort of non-contact sport typically bores me.
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  3. Other...and it would be Ladies Beach Volleyball...

    Why? Well...




    And while I'm thinking about it...can we get a Ladies 5 on 5 RAW vs. SmackDown
    Beach Volleyball game at Survivor Series next year?

    I know its not the Attitude Era...but...Please?
  4. 'Murrican football for all of us who aren't Browns fans
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  5. :mad1:

    I'm a Panthers fan more :obama:



  6. [​IMG]
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  8. I don't watch it as religiously, but hockey is my freaking jam. I've gone to two games this season, I just really like the whole slamming people into walls thing, it's practically wrestling on ice
  9. Why can't I select two options? :why:

    First is Hockey. Been watching since I was a little kid and always been a Leaf's fan...even since the 2004 Lockout...



    Plus the greatest Hockey player in history can out rap Tony Hawk.

    Second, as some have learned the other month, Baseball. As my parents couldn't afford to put me in hockey, I was put in Baseball and it grew into my favourite sport to play and I've enjoyed watching the Blue Jays ever since then.
  10. I'm really the only one who enjoys watching basketball the most? :okay:
  11. who likes watching a ball go into a ne-

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  12. Racist
  13. Not all sports involve nets... Well, at least the real ones do.

    :finger: golf
  14. American Football = 1st

    Hockey & Basketball = Tie for 2nd (Hockey slight edge)
  15. Real football, not that fake american football

  16. How come wrestling isn't on this list? It's a real sport :joe:
  17. NFL and baseball.
  18. I guess NBA right now.
    For many years I loved Snooker. (look it up, Muricans)