Favorite Sports players of all time

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Kobe, Aaron Rodger, Bret Favre, Messi, Jodan, What's yours? :smug:
  2. Football: Zidane, C. Ronaldo, Figo
    Hockey: Lemieux, Gilmour, Brodeur
    Baseball: Schilling, Halladay, R. Alomar
    Basketball: Shaq, Jordan, Iverson
    NFL: Favre, T.Brown, Rice
    Tennis: Agassi, Sampras, Federer
    Golf: Woods, Daly, Weir
  3. Forgot all about tiger woods.
  4. Sports section is right below this one...

  5. Mike Piazza, David Wright, Amani Toomer, Micheal Strahan, Carmelo Anthony.
  6. Contribute to thread please. :pity1:
  7. football ronaldo(fat one) zidane beckham juninho messi cr7 iniesta ronaldinho

    Boxing active froch mayweather broner martinez marquez pacquiao
    Retired ali tyson srl hatton

    Others murrey button
  8. Football: Bobby Moore, Gordon Banks, Buffon, Casillas, Pele, Eusebio, Muller, van Basten, Maradona, Del Piero, Maldini, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Ronaldinho, Bobby Charlton, Stanley Matthews, Gasgoing, Beckham, Barnes, George Best, Cantona, Johan Cruijff, Rivaldo, Zico, Maradona, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi, Iniesta, Ramos, Vidic, Figo, Raul, Eto'o, Neymar.

    Tennis: Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Becker, Borg, John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Serena & Venus Williams
  9. Juninho, Tony Mowbray, Brian Clough, Alex Ferguson, Muhammad Ali.
  10. Zidane, Del Piero, Davids, McManaman, Jordan, Penny Hardaway, Drexler, Barkley, Olajuwon, Shaq, Kobe, Staffan Olsson, Mika Hakkinen, Marciano, Sugar Ray, Sampras, Agassi, Ivanisevic, Rafter, Federer, Popov, Thorpe, Klochkova.
  11. fml forgot Davids, he was awesome.
  12. NFL: Reggie White, LeRoy Butler, Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, Jerry Rice
    Baseball: Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder
    Hockey: Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Martin Brodeur
  13. Davids was a Dutchman who needed weed for glaucoma eh? :awyeah:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Woah that's one huge image.
  16. Soccer: Thierry Henry, Clint Dempsey, :boss:
    Murican Football: too many to name
    NBA: Currently Steph Curry, previously Dirk (still love him), Iverson
    MMA: Rampage Jackson, Diaz Bros, Shogun
    Boxing: Pretty Boy, Andre Ward, Lennox Lewis. GUys before my time that I've watched a lot would be Ali, Marvin Hagler & Hitman Hearns
    MLB: Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, Vlad Guerrero
  17. - Patrick Vieira
    - Bergkamp
    - LANCE ARMSTRONG (#heel)
    - Ivica Kosteli?
    - Federer
    - Petar Metli?i?
  18. Bro are you sure you're even American
  19. Lol you. ARMSTRONG 4 life.

    Shite, forgot to add Jordan and Rodman to my list.
  20. He's definetly the cult of personality ! The voice of the voiceless ! And the best in the world at what he does ! His gimmick never gets old :otunga:


    Football : Casillas , Iniesta , Alonso Ramos Ronaldo (yeah both , also the fat one :jeritroll:) Zidane ,Michael Salgado (GOAT) , raul , guti , Ozil , robinho , lampard , mata (he's from my hometown !) Rooney , pirlo , figo....
    Basketball : James , Irving ,Jordan , Rubio , rondo rose Nash Paul Allen miller rudy Fernandez ....
    F1: Alonso
    Tennis : federer (GOAT) and then nadal
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