Favorite Stable in WWE history

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. What was your favorite stable in WWE history? Mine was Evolution. I loved the idea of having a team with past talent, present talent, and future talent, and even all of them holding every single Raw championship at one time, that was one of the best stable in my opinion of all time.
  2. you cant get any better than evolution :terry:
  3. The best stable feud I can remember from wwe was DX vs nation of domination. It saw the rock and HHH blossom into complete stars and was entertaining even when xpac was fighting d-lo for the European? Title.

    I know those two might not either one be the best ever, but they are both ranked high up there for me because of the memories of their feud.

    My favorite stable of all time was the 4 horsemen though, back when arm Anderson could still wrestle. Not sure which version was my favorite, but they were booked well IMO and really knew how to draw heat in the ring. Helped to have really good baby faces to feud with like dusty Rhodes, sting, LOD, etc.
  4. Been a fan of Triple H for around 14 years. I would have to say my favourite stable would be Evolution. Many of the reasons have already been mentioned in the OP. But I just loved the aggression they brought.
  5. Evolution.
  6. Evolution as well for me.
  7. You must not remember the Corporation vs the Ministry

    such a sick ass feud. Probably my two favorite stables from WWF/E
  8. Evolution because of the idea behind it. Nexus aren't far off though, another fantastic realistic idea behind it.
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