Favorite Stand Up Comedian

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  1. Let me know who your favorite stand up comedian is.

    I'll start, mine is Zach Galifinalkis. Yes, he does stand up. There's one that he did at the purple onion that had me cracking up
  2. Frankie Boyle.
  3. Frankie Boyle definitely.
  4. Who is this Frankie Boyle I've yet to hear of?
  5. Eddie Izzard is a personal favorite. Gabriel Igleziaz as well.
  6. Kevin Bridges is my favourite at the moment, closely followed by Frankie Boyle, Dara O'Brian and Stewart Francis.
  7. Gabriel Iglesias is one of the best for me.


    Definitely worth the watch..
  8. People need to stop using GOAT around here lol...

    How you can call Gabriel -- who I'm a big fan of -- the greatest comedian of all time is laughable, lmao.
  9. frankie & john bishop
  10. I said, he's the goat for me.. No one has ever made me laugh that hard on a stand up show. So fuck you dude..

    I'll edit it to ''best'' if you want it so bad, you tit.
  11. *Gabriel Iglesias voice* He's angry!
  12. Surprised no one mentioned Kevin Hart or Russell Peters.:dawg:
  13. Dave Chappelle. Also someone that i havent seen too much from, but liked was Hannibal Burress
  14. Of all time in no order:

    Louis CK
    Eddie Murphy back in the day
    Greg Giraldo
    Patrice O'Neil

    that's all I got for nwo
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  15. micheal mcintyre or lee evans
  16. :lol1: Most of my favorites are all dead and gone now and you'll never see anyone that could ever come close in comparison.
    My #1 of all was RICHARD PRYOR-I DIG HIM!I have tons of Richard Pryor stand up comedy dvds which I watch quite a bit and one of my favorite movies from the 80's he did which I think is completely hilarious-THE TOY.
    My 2nd was SAM KINISON-he cracks me up-especially the way he would talk about marriage and his wife and one or 2 episodes he did on Married With Children-lol.

    My 3rd was GEORGE CARLIN-I love his stuff!

    There's 2 others that I like still alive-ROBIN WILLIAMS and CHRIS ROCK. But my #1 will always be RICHARD PRYOR-lol.
  17. Speaking of which Dara o'Briain being an absolute boss on the big fat quiz of the year just now.
  18. Stephen Lynch.
  19. pete holms and tj miller
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