Favorite starter Pokemon

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  1. :tough: Shut and tell us what your favorite starter pokemon from any pokemon game was.

    Mine was Bulbsaur from Pokemon Red, Blue, FireRed,and LeafGreen. I like Bulbsaur because I am found of grass type pokemon and enjoy the moves they have. The spore attacks are good for strategy, so is leech seed, and just other moves it has are great too like Razor Leaf, also I like it's last evolution, Venusaur. He's a walking fucking island of destruction.
  2. Charmander of the same series. It's because he's cute and awesome at the sane time..I love Fire Pokemon!
  3. you would have to be to like pokemon!!!!!

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  4. Charmander is the boss.
  5. I used to pick fire pokemon too....
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    But then this mother fucker kicked my ass [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] and took my bitches too :((


    Took me a second to get it :haha:
  6. but ya got there :dave:!!
  7. the only starter pokemon i can remember using is squirtle. so i pick squirtle for nostalgic reasons!
  8. Bulbasaur all the way, always been my favourite Pokemon, :stfu: Charmanser loving noobs.
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  9. A fire breathing dragon > a walking plant pot.
  10. I always started with Charmander, Because he's a fire type, and when you're in the Viridian forest against the grass he's easy to Lvl.Up

  12. [​IMG]

    He doesn't need to fly, he's too busy fucking bitches and getting money.
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  13. :haha: Bitch please, we all know all Charizard does is sleep.
  14. Why can't Brock open his eyes unless he sees a girl?
  15. Fucking all those bitches wears you out champ.

  16. :haha: He is a bitch, Ash's bitch
  17. Why is Ash 10 but his voice is deeper than my Dad's?

    Random Pokemon questions for us hardcore nerds! :win:
  18. Oh hell no! He set him on fire ashley.

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    Embracing the inner Savage
  19. The Charizard be all, "Aww shit I burned mah homie, dawg I'm sorry, I'm gonna ride yo dick now." And Ash be like, "That's right bitch :boss1: "
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