Favorite 'Taker WrestleMania Match

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  1. Undertaker is 21-0 at WrestleMania and competed in awesome matches. From Jimmy Snuka at WM 7 to defeating CM Punk at wm 29. What's your fav?
  2. WM 25 vs the GOAT
  3. Loved that match. Mine was WM 13 and WM 24
  4. WM 17 and WM 25
  5. The match with Snuka was great lol? Anyway his work with Punk wasn't too great IMO, MOTN but that isn't saying too much for that WM.His first clash with Kane was enjoyable but I'm not the huge fan of it some are, I'll throw out his match with Edge / Batista before the HBK love in.
  6. WM21 was the most intense for me because I really thought Randy Orton was probably breaking it and I saw this live on PPV.

    WM25 with Shawn Michaels was the most exciting from a drama POV. I don't get the same enjoyment others do out of it though, as I didn't watch it live. I'm sure seeing it live or seeing it without knowing the finish at least would have added a lot to it.

    I also enjoyed the End Of An Era HIAC match last year.
  7. WM 25 without a doubt!
  8. Two (of the three) matches I came in here to say, and the ones that have nothing to do with outside forces (the third one is totally because of who I watched it with). Those two were incredible, especially the Edge one.

    I'll say right now I don't rate the HBK bouts that highly and I'd even probably consider the one at XXV the second most overrated match. Not that I dislike either of the bouts, I like both a great deal (and I also personally prefer the one at XXVI, another rather unpopular opinion I have) but I wouldn't call either a five star classic.

    For me, the main reason why seeing it live helped was because the rest of the show was pretty abysmal. Add in the fact that it was my first Mania watching live on PPV & I had high expectations and that match definitely came off as incredibly bout for me. The second viewing of it (not too long after) however made me realize how my opinion was influenced by the rest of the show (I've seen it three times, and my opinion hasn't changed from the second time).

    The End Of An Era match was the third one I wanted to mention but that has a lot to do with just watching it with my friend & dad. Watching their (polar opposite) reactions to the match, particularly during the superkick/pedigree spot was hilarious.

    The Orton match is a great shout to, probably my fourth favorite of his matches.

    And I'll leave off with this, I'm really expecting Cena/Taker to make into my list when it happens this year.
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