Favorite theme song(s)

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  1. Kane's new theme (2011)

    Undertaker WM 27 theme
  2. RE: Favorite music entrance(s)

  3. Takers, Rileys, Drews and Christians. Love them. Miz' is quite good too.
  4. Drew has a got a great song but I don't think it fits as a theme tbh if that makes sense.
  5. It does for his character I think. Slow, methodical and elegant. But I see your point, there's many good songs that wouldn't make a good theme.
  6. All current themes:
    Drew, perfect for his character! Barrett, never thought his music suited him but it is soooo catchy, The Nexus was a really good theme aswell! Love the Miz's also, Cody Rhodes now has a brilliant theme now it's been edited around my favourite though has to be Booker T, now can you dig that?!...
  7. Lol I love the beginning of Booker's song, but it ends up being a horrible beat for most of it.
  8. I love Ortons theme song you posted. That's my all time favorite.

  9. Yeah "Burn in the Light" was perfect for Orton. I'd prefer him to freshen up his song now.
  10. My favorites are:emoji_slight_frown:With old ones)
    Chris Jericho
    Triple H