Favorite TNA Superstars of 2012.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by True Warrior, Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Here are my favorite TNA Superstars of this year: AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Robert Roode, James Storm, Matt Morgan, Chavo Guerrero, Abyss, Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, Joey Ryan, Ace's & Eights, Rob Van Dam, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian & Mr. Anderson.
  2. There's other people on the roster besides those? :shock:

    Mine are Bobby Roode, Zema Ion, Austin Aries, James Storm, and Kenny King for my fav 5.
  3. For sheer entertainment, Bully Ray has been the best this year by far. There isn't a man in any wrestling company right now that can work the mic like he does.
    For entertaining wrestling matches, Aries and Roode are the top 2.
  4. Lmao, OP counted almost everyone. :win:

    Mine top 5 (tehnically 6):

    - Bully Ray
    - Devon
    - Bobby Roode
    - Austin Aries
  5. Christopher Daniels
    Bobby Roode
  6. Roode, Aries, Storm, Daniels, Kazarian, Joe, Bully, heel Devon, heel Crimson, Joey Ryan, the entire actual X-Division + Magnus when featured effectively... So many to list!
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  7. Heel Crimson FTW. #BringHimBack
  8. I would say Roode's reign tops Bully's year personally, though Bully has been outstanding.

    1) Roode
    2) Bully

    Guaranteed entertainment.
  9. Why was he sent to OVW? The heel character was working great and he was really comfortable on camera. His ringwork was solid, especially for big guys nowadays... What gives?
  10. They literally had nothing for him when Storm beat the streak at Slammiversary. He came back for one match with Devon for the TV Title, but seemed desperate because his losing streak ended (in kayfab of course). Then he moved to OVW, won the Heavyweight Title almost instantly, and reports say he is at the top of his game in OVW right now, as a main weasel heel.

    I don't know, some tweak needs to be done when he comes back with him. You can't let an amazing talent like him stay in OVW too long.
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  11. Agreed. Crimson needs to be brought back pretty soon but he also needs to be brought back with a plan.
  12. Crimson should return to the IMPACT roster & maybe build him into the Main Event with the TV Championship then later with the World title.
  13. RVD, Chavo, and Hernandez always.
  14. Bully Ray, Storm, Roode, Parks and Joe. Most entertaining things in wrestling atm.
  15. Forgot Joseph Park completely. One of the best characters in all of wrestling. Such a boss.
  16. Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Bobby Roooooooooooooooooooo...
  17. My favorite wrestlers this year would have to be Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, A.J Styles, Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray.
  18. Why Chavo & Hernandez? It just boggles my mind, they're super douchebags.
  19. One of? More like THE best.

    His facial expressions, the whimpering, wiping his face, all the little things like that... It's mind-boggling that Chris Park has been hiding this kind of acting ability for so long. Wonder what else some of these "characters with no personality" can do... maybe Douglas Williams is a really funny guy?
  20. Maybe Chavo and Botchnandez are actually funny and babyfaces too? :silva:
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