Favorite TNA Tag Teams of 2012

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  1. What are your favorite TNA Tag Teams of 2012?
  2. Obviously: "The New Face of Impact Wrestling" Christopher Daniels and "Physical Fascination" Frankie Kazarian, the WTTCOTW.

    Second is AJ Styles and Kurt Angle - the perfect tag team.
  3. Matt Morgan and Crimson.
  4. I cry when I see Crimson's name. Bring him back :((
  5. I'm gonna start a campaign tomorrow on twitter to bring Tommy 'Crimson' Mercer back to Main Roster, using the hashtag #BringBackCrimson , while possibly spamming Dixie's, Bischoff's, Hogan's and Impact twitters.

    I hope you, my friends, are all gonna join me.:yes:
  6. Daniels and Kaz for the win
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  7. You know.. back when I was new here, none of you liked Crimson. I remember saying that I like him, and you all said he was bad in-ring and on mic, apart from one person (which I believe to be Stopspot).
  8. Lol not true. Me and Dolph's have loved Crimson from the start. I don't think Stopspot did (he wasn't signed up when you were new here).

    Also, don't think I've ever seen Testify hate on Crimson either, but everyone else did :upset:
  9. Devon and bischoff!!

  10. WTTCOTW [​IMG] 'nuff said.
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  11. I can't recall that. Maybe it was someone random in the discussion thread or similar that threw out some hate words towards Crimson, but nobody of the really active posters and "major players" around here ever "hated" Crimson.

    #BringBackCrimson campaign is starting on twittah.
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