Favorite Toy?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. Growing up, we all have one toy that for some odd years (and odd reason) we cherish more then our other toys... What was your favorite toy as a kid? (>10 years old)
  2. Man, I don't know if I cherished anything more than my blankey. Now, it was not a toy, but this thing kept me safe from everything. It did things a low wattage light bulb night light could not. Which is keep me safe.
  3. My Pinkie Pie plush :Yay:
  4. My toy dog call Toby
  5. My Gameboy I guess. Can't really remember most of my childhood. I am ancient.
  6. You're probably twelve. :haha:

    But I have many items from my childhood, consoles and cheap plastic toys alike. I would say consoles, like Deth, such as gameboy color/advance, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and so on since I still use and cherish those still.
  7. :idontcare:
  8. Just kidding, you're awesome. :upset:
  9. My Ninja Turtles toys, so much fun, so many memories :yay:
  10. This thread isn't what I was expecting after looking at who started the thread. "Favorite toy?"
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. My balls..

    Footballs. :haha:

    This one was the one I loved the most..


    Do not own it anymore..:sad:

    Kicked like 20 balls in the water.. And lost them... Never to be seen.... :cry:
  13. Check this out [​IMG] :boss1:
  14. I know! Saw those at Wal-Mart whilst X-Mas shopping. Want to buy them so bad, but the wife was with me :lol1:
  15. LOL I had to at least get the MIkey one.
  16. I am VERY jealous! :cry:
  17. I got the Raphael from that set for my husband for Christmas! Its soo cooool!

    And My most cherish toy was probably my Lassy stuffed animal. I had it for like 6 years and I remember it helped me get thru the death of my first dog, Sabrina. She was put down when I was 6. She was only 2 years old. She was having horrible seizures and suffering.
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  19. Buzz Lightyear!!
  20. Sega...PS1 ..ah the memories :cry:
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