Favorite type of music (Psychology project)

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  1. What is your favorite type of music?

    How do you feel connected to it from a psychology standpoint?

    How does music effect your every day life?


    I have to do a psychology project on whatever I want. It's for 35% of my grade, and my teacher literally gave me no instructions besides to relate it to Psychology some how. I would really appreciate if you guys could be my "test subjects" on this. Oh, and it's due Wednesday. :/
  2. I don't know how to answer this. You can check out what I listen to & make your judgement ( http://www.last.fm/user/myfinalbreath )

    I can relate to most of it so that's why I enjoy listening to it. I understand the points they are bringing up so it allows me to enjoy the music on a different level.

    Well, my day would be pretty shitty without music, so it effects it a lot I would say.
  3. Would music not be a bit basic to try do something like this on? Because it's pretty easy to judge somebody by the music they listen to.

    But anyway, yeah, I listen to a pretty wide variety of stuff. Mostly cheesy pop music sang by women, but if I'm feeling upset about something usually Keane, The Killers or anything from that kinda style.

    If that helped at all lmao.
  4. To be honest, all kinds.
    Give me a genre and I have some music from it.
  5. What is your favorite type of music? All kinds, mainly hip hop/rap though.

    How do you feel connected to it from a psychology standpoint? I relate to it from a sociological point, and I'm a big fan of political raptivisits, aka rappers who complain about how shit our governments are and conspiracies etc.

    How does music effect your every day life? Not much, I lose a bit of focus if I don't have music on but that's it.
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  6. Crayo was helpful :emoji_hushed:

    Thanks a lot guys. I think Crayo just sparked something in my mind!
  7. A level in psychology, beast subject.
  8. Yes! I almost feel like I need to give credit to you in the powerpoint now haha.
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    Sounds good to me.
  10. What is your favorite type of music?

    -I have the broadest one, but I enjoy upbeat songs the most.

    How do you feel connected to it from a psychology standpoint?

    - Behaviorism believes that positive encouragement affects the person's personality, thus helping me to resist being pessimistic around people.

    How does music effect your every day life?

    - It's AFFECT, and it affects my mood, especially in the mornings.
  11. Favorite music is hip hop/rap. I also get down with country.

    I relate because i had a bad background and was doing a lot of the stuff on the songs. Selling drugs, having lots of sex with crazy women, smoking weed, hanging out with my homies. Favorite rapper is Devin the dude because he raps about real life stuff.

    But now, I've moved from the block in new Orleans to the suburbs of houma and now i hang out with my white buddies, drinking my beer, listening to them talk about hunting and flirting with these beautiful vanilla flavored women. I've turned into a totally different person, changed my nickname and remade myself. Expanded my music library to all sorts of music.

    ~Three Said That~
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  12. Your musical compatibility with myfinalbreath is VERY LOW

  13. Not even the right way to cite. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  14. Favorite Type of Music is honestly, stuff like rock, rap, and experimental. Mainly because of this kind of stuff as oppose to classical old time(which I'm not saying is bad at all, I enjoy it), or anything similar to is feels to controlled, like there's a stiff feeling about. With this kind of stuff you have people being more loose, drummers going crazy on the drums and enjoying the beat, guitarists all over the places as they play, singers dancing around stage, rappers going from one part of the stage and interacting with the crowd, it just has a much better feeling to it then watching everyone in a suit staying still and playing instruments.And it's not just classical, there are more modern songs like For The Love of God by Steve Vai which claim that "stiff" feeling for me.

    How I can relate to the music I listen to is simple, it's random as so am I. Going to Primus, they make random stuff all the time, can't tell you all their songs, but I can tell you that throughout any of the songs they are having fun. Same with Jimi Hendrix Experience, they have fun what they sing about, and they all sing about love, life, and everything, but you can hear the feeling in it. Buckethead is different, using instrumental most of the time to get his point across instead of lyrical is easy for him. With songs like Soothsayer and Homing Beacon it's easy to see how much pain was in that song without saying a single word, and I have those times where I go through hard times and I don't wanna speak about it. Tupac is a rapper who makes songs I can understand, with one like Life goes on he says there is a heaven for a G, providing that all his friends and family are sitting in heaven no matter what they done, I do that myself. I don't want to think that my family or friends are in a fiery pit in the after life, so it's a mindset I make of thinking they are in a better place, and not to miss them because I will eventually be with them again.
    Axl Rose(*cough GUNS N FUCKING ROSES cough*) is one more artist who's music I can understand. With the one song as an example, Out Ta Get Me. I know the feeling in that sing, having people lie about shit and pointing the finger at you, getting in trouble with the law(not on my record since they were nice :otunga: ) and just feeling like everybody is against you that you wanna tell them to fuck off of you except the small crew that you have. I went through life like that, it was hard and I understand where he is coming from. Cold Blooded by Killa Cal Wayne is my second to last example, it's a song about corruption in the hood, no matter what race you are the corrupted police will try to hold you down. And I had seen that before, I know the terrible feeling of having someone brought down by the law enforcement, the ones who are suppose to protect you but don't, it's horrible like he raps about, they don't care about race or nothing, as long as they have power over you, they're happy. My last example is Dash by Bumblefoot. Because I know what it's like to lose someone, seeing their tombstone and wanting them back. All those memories and times to spend together to hold hands, laugh, and play together, just like he says, I could meet that person one more time and have them in my life again, I wouldn't change a thing at all. Mainly reminds me of me and my great grandpa since we were close and he died when I was 5, so I understand where he comes from, I share those same feelings and wish for the same thing.

    That's all I got noob :finger: to lazy to post them all. And what would I do without music? Be bored as fuck since I love music and listen to it everyday.
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  15. Dude, I love you @[Dr. CM Punk CPR Expert]
  16. Of course, I save peoples lives, who wouldn't love me :otunga:
  17. Finished powerpoint... literally rushed through it.. Oh, don't ask about the pony... It's an inside joke between me and my teacher.

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  20. Rock
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