Favorite vampire movie?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Extraterrestrial, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Vampires > > > > > Zombies
    Fuck this zombie cocksucking trend that exploded a couple years ago (inb4 hip) and fuck modern vampire fairies. :angry: :mad2:
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    This is how I picture myself randomly getting angry at this crap.

    Anyway. The Lost Boys. Bikes > gay love bullshit

    And of course, From Dusk Till Dawn

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  3. Interview with a mother fucking vampire, that movie is the shit. Tom cruise and Brad Pitt barely even are taller than an 11 year old (i think) Cameron Diaz. That movie is the shit bros.
  4. lost boys was dope too, but Robert Rodriguez made and then beat the ever living shit out of zombie movies.
  5. 30 days of night

    That is all
  6. Lost boys and bram stokers Dracula.
  7. Blade, nigga
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  8. Oh fuck, add the blade movies to my list as well :happy:
  9. Tough one as Blade, 30 Days of Night, From Dusk till Dawn, and Lost Boys are all awesome.

    So bugger it going to go with Nosferatu as it was the one of the original vampire movies.
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  10. From Dusk till Dawn is cool just because of QT and Clooney.
  11. Plus the fact that set piece when it all kicks off is just an entirely filled of awesome. Its carnage and laugh out loud funny.
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  12. Hell yeah!
  13. I don't care much for vampire movies but I loved From Dusk Till Dawn. Pretty awesome how the first half of the film makes you think you're just watching a normal (but engaging) crime movie but then it flips everything around and turns into a vampire film where a criminal/fugitive/robber/murderer is suddenly one of the heroes.
  14. You're telling me. The first time I watched it I had no idea about the vampire element of the movie. I felt like I should have hated the 'twist' but I enjoyed it
  15. Cause its fucking awesome.
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