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  1. What's your guys favorite video game character?

    Mine is Ganondorf. Dude will still your girl non stop and doesn't give a flying fuck what you think. Not to mention he is actually a pretty badass villain, and one of the best.
  2. My favourite video game character is Tidus from Final Fantasy X (10) I just like the story behind the character and he has a pretty cool look about him.
  3. I'm not much into video games, but I absolutely LOVE Cloud from FF. <3
  4. :yes:, Cloud Strife is a cool dude!
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  5. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill or Commander Sheppard from Mass Effect
  6. Probably my own in skyrim, or master chief. So damn good.
  7. HK-47.

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  9. Is that the droid from KOTOR?
  10. :yes:
  11. Me too, I just got round to completing number 2.
  12. Super Mario and Zinedine Zidane from Fifa 98.
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  13. Mario and Joe (Mafia II)


    *super mario
  14. Solid Snake. Metal Gear Solid FTW.
  15. Link from the LoZ
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  16. gary oak
  17. :yay: Now Xanth>Crayo
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