Favorite Video Game(s)?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by kanenite95, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Metal Gear Solid series :win:
  2. Red Dead Redemption. :boss1:
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  3. pokemon blue leafgreen, minecraft.
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  4. The NHL series for me.

    The God of war series was hella epic

  5. Final Fantasy 3? Maniac Mansion for NES is also a pretty amazing game. I guess the one i played most was Halo:CE, 16 people, drinks, and a lot of good food. Can't really beat that IMO.
  6. 2k12 and dbz and kind of wwe svr 2008
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  7. Oddworld series :win:
  8. Agree with all of the GTA but GTA 4 i just didnt like the map, cant wait for GTA 5 in San Andreas again. :otunga:
  9. Saints Row series,
    GTA Series,
    Red Dead Redemption,
    Assassins Creed series minus number 1,
    Mass Effect series,
    Dragon Age series,
  10. Syphon Filter series :win:
  11. Madden, Fifa, NBA 2k, GTA, MLB The Show.. that's about all I play anymore
  12. So excited for GTA V. :yay:

  13. GTA games get boring for me, too repetitive
  14. Nothing will ever top San Andreas IMO.
  15. true dat. I still sometimes play it on my ps2 when I get bored.
  16. Yea I downloaded it on 360 and play it all the time still.
  17. Metal Gear Solid series
    Hitman series
    Splinter Cell series
    Resident Evil series
    Silent Hill series (only 1-4)
    Syphon Filter series (only 1-3)
    Megaman series

    There's others I love but these here are the best of the best.
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