favorite will ferrel movie?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Gav back in the championship, Dec 20, 2013.

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  1. for me its elf watch it every year without fail at xmas
  2. Tallageda nights made me laugh so hard.
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  3. Favorite movie of all time is Talladega Nights, so yea, that one.
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  4. Anchorman
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  5. Anchorman. I will fight anyone that thinks Talladega Nights is funnier. with my fists. Old School is great as well but I don't really consider that a 'Will Ferrell' movie.

    1.) Anchorman
    2.) Stepbrothers
    3.) Talladega Nights
  6. i've never seen talladega nights sounds like i must go and watch it
  7. its ok.
  8. Shake it before you bake it :lol1:
  9. I will be your tag partner.

    There's a reason Ron Burgundy is such a legend.
  10. You took my post right out of my head you SOB
  11. Definitely Anchorman.

    @gav the chav - how have you NOT seen Talladega Nights?
  12. @Trip in the Head i dunno just one of those films that slipped past me

    Has anyone seen anchorman 2 yet and is it as good as the first one?
  13. Is it out yet? Just saw the 4 of them on the Daily Show promoting the movie, but wasn't sure if it was in theaters yet.
  14. I am scared to see it because I think its gonna be a letdown
  15. It is a sequel sooo......................
  16. Yes last week in the uk i'm sure it'll be out in the us too
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  17. Same here. Usually when a movie gets as much promotion as this one has had, it disappoints.
  18. Friend of mine got to go to a press release. His reply on facebook was "I'm gonna have a six pack tomorrow from laughing"
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  19. Elf. End of story.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  20. Anchorman.

    Not his film entirely but shout out to Old School for Frank the Tank. Has me howling with laughter.
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