Favorite Work Out Songs?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Jan 9, 2014.

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  1. If you work out, what do you like to listen to?
    I typically listen to rap and rock, depends on what kinda work out I am doing. cardio is usually a mix of both.
    Here's 15 songs I like when working out... (i have a ton though lol)
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  2. That's a lot of black artists for a racist to have on their play list :shock:

    Unless you're listening under the "entertain me clowns" perspective :hmm:
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  3. :lol1: at #RacistBrittaComments

    I enjoy rap for working out. When I was younger I listened to A LOT of it. I prefer rock over rap now but rap is great for working out.
  4. More like twerking out amirite? :happy:
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  5. :lol1: LOL'd

    But no, no... I am too white for dat. :woo1:
  6. I like what I like. No excuses.
    Rap/hip hop (open)

    Only version I could find:

    More categories to come
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  7. This is the kinda music I in vision myself beating a car with a baseball bat to. lolol
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  8. Just play SFII.
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  9. Rock (open)

    Many more, but this is taking forever lol
  10. Mostly pop, hip hop, rap and alternative

    typical rundown would consist of:

    Selena Gomez
    Miley Cyrus
    Justin Bieber
    Papa Roach
    Chris Brown
  11. My workout songs are intense songs. Lean towards the Dehumanizer album by Black Sabbath, Painkiller album by Judas Priest and stuff like that.
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  12. Do you do mainly cardio?
  13. No actually, but I agree my playlist is geared more for it. I just like that kind of music and it gets my pumped up when I'm lifting.
  14. I can see that. I wont lie, I have worked out to some Britney Spears before. :haha:
  15. Most ppl give me shit for listening to the stuff I do, but idc b/c it's what I like. The beat gets me going and I'm an adolescent boy at heart.

    No shame in working out to Britney. Girl can bring it.
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  16. She gets me pumped too! Just in the wrong area
  17. Work bitch!
  18. Titney Spears lololol
  19. It's music from Rocky to get fired up.

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