Favorite Wrestler Entrance Music?

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  1. What is your favorite wrestler entrance music for both a Diva and a Superstar? Doesn't have to be current wrestler's.

    Diva: Ashley Massaro's Entrance Music (The others are a bit too "girly")
    Superstar: Steve Austin's Entrance Music
  2. As a song [video=youtube]http://youtube.co/watch?v=pUZ2_7hY0hc[/video]
    As an actual theme [video=youtube]http://youtube.co/watch?v=Z7m9xo923H8[/video]

    Haven't got any Divas favorites tbh honourable mentions include Metalingus and Hollywood Rock's theme.
  3. Can't post videos without effort on this netbook so I'll just say it :emoji_slight_smile:

    Edge's theme, Christian's theme.
  4. Yeah man +1 on that, Brock's second theme, I think that's his second one is amazing, gets you pumped! His here comes the pain one was alright, but I like this one much better!

    Edit: make that +2
  5. Both CM Punk themes too.
  6. That would be Killswitch Engaged wouldn't it? His first theme is the only one I can remember
  7. Yeah he had this fire burns by killswitch and Cult Of Personality by Living colour.
  8. I prefer fire burns but when I told seabs that he flamed me :emoji_slight_frown:!
  9. #That'sWhatIDo
  10. Diva's is easy: Kharma.

    Superstar? Well... Hmm... What are we going after? Creating a presence? (Drew) Getting a crowd reaction? (Matt Hardy) Just being a damn good song? (Edge) Helping the gimmick? (Dolph)
  11. How did I forget Kharma's? It's epic.

    Dolph's doesn't help his gimmick in my opinion, it's too awful so people just tune out/cover ears.
  12. I remember Cult of Personality mostly because of games like GTA San Andreas and also Gutar Hero.

    Kharma's is this one?

    I never even heard of her before, haven't kept up with the latest Diva's lately. Some of them didn't seem to be as pretty as they used to be so I cut that out after a while lol.
  13. Dolph's old version was great. Here to show the world not so much imo.
  14. From This thread: http://wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=1711

  15. Beth Pheonix's theme makes me think i'm in the 80's:

  16. Yeah that is Kharma's, believe me it's a pleasant change from the other themes from divas. And you're not missing much, they have 3 good wrestlers pretty much, Kharma, Beth and Natayla. Natayla has a farting gimmick (yes you read that correctly). Beth is champion and Kharma was pregnant so is on maternity leave (real life).

    Tamina is watchable, the rest are models who act tough and can't wrestle to save their life.
  17. I agree the 'I am Perfection' theme was pretty damn good.. much better than the new one

    That's a good wrap up of the current state of the Diva's division Crayo. Hoping Natalya gets dropped after Mania so she can go to TNA in a real women's division
  18. I like Dolph's now as well, but just changing chorus of the old song is pretty lolworthy.
    It's kinda annoying though (heat?) and actually somewhat explains the show-off gimmick besides doing idiotic handstands during a match.

    And do we really know anything about the current Divas' division? They don't get enough time prove anything. We know Kelly Kelly is hopeless, but...
  19. I heard of Natalya, and Beth Pheonix for sure, but I never knew about the farting thing... lol wow
  20. I hated that theme too, he needs an impact theme. Doesn't need to say "I'm a show off", his in-ring antics do that very productively.

    A theme like Riley's for example. A theme that will get him a reaction when he comes out on his own and dumps Vickie.
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