Favorite wrestler.

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  1. Zach gave me the idea of making this thread. Post a picture of your favorite WWE superstar in the comments.
  2. [​IMG]

    In serious way, it's Kane and Bryan.
  3. Should be your avatar.
  4. Nope as great as DB is, my fro is epic
  5. I'd post a picture but my stupid computer won't let me copy URLs even though it worked an hour ago. My favorite is Dolph Ziggler.
  6. [​IMG]

    it is cm punk without a doubt. why? cuz hes the BEST IN THE WORLD.
  7. Best in the world indeed.
  8. OHHHH. he stole ur line lacky!! lol. you gonna get got now.

    but yeah, Punk is by far the best in the world. when he first started sayin that, i LOL'd at him copyin jericho. now tho? i believe it. especially after i watched his DVD, i just fell in love with the guy. i liked him since ECW, but never my favorite. he grown on me more and more, and he the best on there.
  9. I respect your opinion but Punk isn't the best in the world. He is good but there are guys ahead of him. Austin Aries over in TNA for example and then we have the legit Best in the world Daniel Bryan. 7 time and reigning best technical wrestler and six time and reigning most outstanding wrestler in the world. Bryan seemingly can't do nothing wrong.

    Punk is easily the best mic worker though.
  10. He was beast in ECW. He has been in EVERY major brand in WWE. He's held the World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship. and now the WWE Championship.
  11. That's gimmick infringement. You'll be hearing from my lawyers. :vince:
  12. Here's my lawyers: :russo: :dawg: :pity1: :cornette: :sonnen:
  13. Only one I'd fear out of those is Sonnen and I probably could bribe him with beer
  14. Here's my Laywer :otunga:
  15. What about this guy: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P :laugh:
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