Favorite Wrestling Couples of 2012

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by True Warrior, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. What are your favorite wrestling couples of 2012? Mine are John Cena & AJ Lee.
  2. *is #GrammerNazi :smug:

    Mine would be AJ/Punk, AJ/Cena, Mike/Maria (ROH)
  3. AJ/Everyone
  4. Ziggler/Vickie
  5. Kane and Bryan
  6. No, it's "are".

    "are" is plural, "is" is singular.
  7. Yes but it should be who are not what are.
  8. Yep.

    Just thought I'd own the wannabe grammar nazi above :otunga:
  9. They are considered as one entity, Cray.


    Wannabe my ass. :maybe:
  10. I actually read that wrong lmao. Not going to even post what I thought it said.
  11. "Wanna eat your ass"?

    I'm not going that route, Crayo. :maybe:
  12. Tbf if using what it

    would be what is your fave couple of 2012

    If using are it should be

    Who are your fave couple of 2012
  13. Clairy Lynch/AJ Styles :gusta:
  14. Bully Ray/Bork Hogan
  15. I hate you, so so much. :tough:
  16. I'd say you're welcome, but you aren't.:upset:
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