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  1. I'm surprised this wasn't asked yet, but what are your guys favorite wrestling match? Mine is Sabu vs. Terry Funk for the ECW world title in a barbed wire match:

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  2. Melina vs Alicia Fox.

    No, seriously. I don't have a single favorite, but matches like HHH vs Taker, HBK vs Taker, Rock vs Austin, HHH vs HBK vs Benoit are some of my favorites.
  3. There's so many and for different reasons. Technical matches you got the classics like HBK vs Angle, HBK vs Jericho, Benoit vs Eddie etc. But sometimes you can just have pure emotion carry the match. HBK vs Taker is an example, both their WM matches would be considered as the best matches of all time.
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  4. For little kid mark purposes I would have to say either Sting vs Hogan or Austin vs Rock at Mania in '99

    I'll never be as excited for matches as I was those. Oh to be a kid again
  5. True, it was a good storyline built into both of them too, HBK had always beaten The Undertaker up until those two wrestlemanias and the wrestling was superb, but also had tons of emotion. The second one felt more emotional just because the only thing HBK wanted was to end Undertaker's streak and he gave up everything just for another shot at him and became obsessive.

    And as a little kid, Stone Cold vs. The Rock was a dream match for me
  6. Wrestlemania 17 TLC match
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  7. Razor Ramon vs hbk in a ladder match for the intercontinental belt. I think it was at wrestlemania 9 maybe.
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  8. The ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels took place on Wrestlmania X(10)
  9. IMO the Razor/Michaels ladder match at Summerslam was better than the match they had at Mania. Both are amazing matches though
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  10. @[Crayo] you have been tagged in the status of euro cup live discussion
  11. I dont have a favourite match. but if its a battle royal, royal rumble or TLC match then :gusta:
  12. You sound exactly like my uncle XD he loves the Royal Rumble the most
  13. Farooq, I am your Uncle!!!!
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  15. Styles/Daniels/Joe from Unbreakable and Styles/Joe from Turning Point 2005.
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