Favorite wrestling move not used in the WWE

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  1. The topic here is pretty simple.

    What is your favorite move not used in the WWE and why?

    For me it is either the Death Valley Driver or the Burning Hammer. Both look physical as fuck and are easy to set up. The DVD is like the AA's angry cousin and not used enough in my opinion.

    Which non WWE move is your fav?

  2. FUCK TYLER REX's lame ass version

  3. I'll say The Swanton bomb because it's a Jeff Hardy move... Apart from that, I love AJ Styles' finisher
  4. Canadian destroyer, I know it looks extremely staged but I mark for it every time.
  5. Swanton is still used by Sin Cara.
  6. I'll preface this by saying I rarely watch wrestling outside of WWE and hell, nowadays I rarely watch WWE so I'm not the best to ask about this. But I have two high-flying moves that always caught me eye when searching for a finisher for a fed character.

    ^Yes, I realize that embedding is disabled, but you can still view it easily using that video.

    I much prefer the former video though, I just decided to throw in the second because why the hell not?
  7. Last Chancery by Aries.
  9. It's Hunico who uses it not Sin Cara... And he changed the name, same move other name (Shooting Star I think) but hasn't got Jeff's level, yeah, both are a high angle sento
  10. Sin Cara has used the Swanton multiple times in 2012. The Shooting Star press is not a swanton. A high angle senton is a front flip in mid air. The Shooting Star is a back flip.
  11. I miss old school, regular ass pile drivers.

    Lawler sells this like such a boss, lol.
  12. I searched it and it was Falling Star his finisher. Look at his finisher.

  13. You're talking Hunico. I am talking Sin Cara. Sin Cara has ended matches with the high angle senton a lot of times in 2012.
  14. I know you talk about Sin Cara, it may be that I'm not a fan of Sin Cara but I don't remember any match with Sin Cara ending it with a high angle senton...
  15. Evidence A:

    Evidence B:

    Evidence C:
  16. I won't argue against evidences
  17. I will. I think Stop photoshopped that shit.
  18. I am such a master of the photoshop that I make it move.
  19. Just a lot of suplex variations like Tiger,Half nelson,cravate etc. Also a lot of submission moves that you will never see in wwe.
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