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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jul 31, 2014.

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    What's your favorite wrestling style?

    Mine: Technical, high flying and brawling.

    Best technical match = AR Fox and Del Sol vs Inner City Machine Guns: PWG All Star Weekend IX

    High Flying = TLC 2

    Brawl = Any Vader vs Hansen match in Japan.
  2. PWG.
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  3. CZW.
  4. Hardcore.. old school Foley and Funk Japanese deathmatches.. ECW and Attitude Era hardcore matches.

    I love the blood.
  5. In what world is AR Fox and Del Sol vs ICMG a chain wrestling match? Also Chain wrestling isn't a style. Chain wrestling is the term describing the linking together of technical wrestling moves.

    I love/like most styles of wrestling. Only ones I don't get into are pure lucha libre and deathmatches, and even then there are some deathmatches that I like.

    I do lean towards the Japanese style, to be precise the current New Japan style which is a mix of its traditional strong style (technically based with hard and stiff strikes and kicks borrowed from martial arts) and modern pro wrestling/western wrestling. And All Japan's Kings Road style, which can produce some fantastically structured matches. Dragon Gates Lucharesu/Junior style is also fun to watch in that over the top sense.

    ROH's old school style and WWE's style when done well are also much fun.
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  6. Highflying and hardcore brawling. :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. I wouldn't call that "chain wrestling" (technical). That's high flying mainly with some technical wrestling worked in.

    But the match relies too much on the four mens high flying flippy ability to be pure technical style.
  8. I must admit that was pretty awesome.
  9. I'll take just about anything over technical wrestling (except for death matches, specifically the kind of garbage that you see in CZW.) I don't mind it when it's used sparingly in certain spots, but when it becomes what the entire match is based around, then it just bores the fuck out of me. Otherwise, it's not so much the wrestling style that I prefer as it is the wrestlers themselves and the story behind the match going in. A well-built story makes any match better by default.
  10. I enjoy matches where the attacks are crisp and a story is being told.
    My favorite wrestler is Bret Hart. I will mute his matches and enjoy their perfection.
    Mr. Perfect is my third favorite wrestler, so when you watch a Perfect/Hart match you get my precise opinion of the perfect style.

    Let me be clear, Bret is a dou*** and yes he's my favorite wrestler.
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  11. Why if I may ask? Technical matches can and often do include just as much story telling as any other type of match. Hell, sometimes even more due to the way the match is worked.
  12. I pretty much like any style, but I guess my favourites would be high flying and strong style.
  13. Flipping fatties are my favorites. Wrestling is about the unexpected and batshit crazy to me and what's more unexpected than a 500lb moonsault? Second choice is a stiff style mainly because of Stan Hansen and his practical blindness,there's something really pure about willing to take a shot to make the audience forget it's all an act.
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  14. Watching an old Hashimoto tag match (against ginger taker and Scott "pornstache" Hall) right now. Much stiffness. Hash was king of those hard strikes
  15. Watching Collision in Korea. 160,000 packed to see this.
  16. Probably gonna hit up Jumbo vs Flair from 82 before bed,it's the perfect clash of Puro vs Showmanship even down to the presentation. Flair is all blonde hair and blue trunks whilst Jumbo is black and black. It's a real fantastic clash even down to the way Flair carries himself and dances around. They're honestly the top 2 of the 80s IMHO.

  17. Because watching guys laying on the mat with their opponent in a submission hold for the duration of the match gets really boring after awhile. I wanna see action with a minimum of rest holds, not the other way around.
  18. That's WWE's version of technical.

    Also. I love 98 Japanese wrestling, good shit.
  19. You've picked the worst examples of technical matches if that's what you think they are IMO. Here are a few examples of great technical matches:

    Plus 123 vs Bret, Angle vs Brock (tons of freestyle wrestling in there), Benoit vs Guerro in 03/04,Jericho vs Benoit in the submission match in the early 2000s. There are others I could list too.

    You can't go wrong with Kenta vs Misawa in general, two of the Mount Rushmore of Puro. You seen Misawa vs Joe?
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