Favorite Wrestling Video Game?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by kanenite95, May 25, 2012.

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  1. One game per person, you can post the same game as someone else

    Smackdown Here Comes the Pain by far
  2. I had that and it was good but I liked Shut Your Mouth better.
  3. I like HCTP better because I got it before SYM, but both are good. SvR 2008 has a special place in my heart due to being my first ever wrestling game, but my favorite one (gameplay wise) is HCTP, indeed.
  4. WWF No Mercy, been playing on an emulator for a while. Really great Gameplay although not that good for graphics whores.
  5. No mercy here too, got it hooked up with my 360 controller on my PC for the Best case scenario.
  6. Am I the only one who's noticed that people are liking the PS1 swapmeet games of WWE instead of the SvR series and WWE '12? I guess they're just huge fans of old games or haven't played the newer ones? :dawg::obama:
  7. HCTP appeals to me gameplay wise, I don't know why. But I also like WWE '12, it's cool.
  8. The newer games seems to be all flash and no substance to me, they look great at times but just doesn't have that pick up and play factor the older ones had.
  9. Smackdown vs Raw 2007 was the first wrestling game I bought and it's the game that got me into wrestling.
    So that will be my choice.

    Good story, good gameplay, epic music.
  10. The theme songs are stuck deep into my head. When I listen to them again, the nostalgia comes up, even though it's not been that long since I've played the game.
  11. Stupid how they took all those awesome themes and put 1 boring theme with no lyrics into WWE 12. :facepalm1::dawg:
  12. That was a stupid decision for sure. I hope this changes in WWE '13, great musics in the menus make the game a lot better.
  13. Same here bro, it was perfect.
  14. The newest wrestling game I own is HCTP. Rented the first SvR and it was atrocious. Played 2007 and it wasnt that good. They tried making the games too realistic to the point where they werent fun anymore. The whole stamina and momentum feature was stupid. Plus the fact that they added voice acting and whenever a made a CAW i had to give them a stupid voice. Not to mention the horrible commentary.
  15. :dawg::upset:


  16. Playing SvR 24/7... doing those villain movies... in my grandparents' house... at night, sitting on the floor with my PS2... :yay:
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